Scaglietti Coachbuilders History

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by 400SPYDER, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. 400SPYDER

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    Jul 7, 2004
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    Ferrari have named their 612 after Carrozzeria Scaglietti’s owner, Sergio Scaglietti, there was also a brother Franco Scaglietti. I understand they had a long standing relationship with Enzo.

    I know that Scaglietti was also known as Ferrari’s in-house fabricator, and has constructed perhaps the two most famous Ferraris of all time: the GTO and the pontoon-fendered Testa Rossa.

    Can anyone recommend a definitive book/article website where I can find out more information about this fascinating company.

    Are they still independently in business or have they been absorbed into the Ferrari factory?
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  3. Chuck550

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    May 15, 2001
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    Carrozzeria Scaglietti di Modena was incorporated into the Ferrari S.p.A. structure in 1977. Most books on Ferrari a discussion of the history/relationship between Enzo Ferrari and Sergio Scaglietti.
  4. Miltonian

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    Jeff B.
    I don't know if there was a "Franco Scaglietti", but there was certainly a "Franco Scaglione", who designed many of the Bertone classics.
  5. BigTex

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    Dec 6, 2002
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    A recent Forza article had an interview in which Scaglietti explained the deal..

    Enzo represented Scaglietti as a 'subsidiary' to FIAT during the buyout negotiations with Agnelli, so when Ferrari was sold, Scaglietti was included.

    He seemed appreciative of Enzo's efforts to provide for his financial well being after all the years working together. It was a noble gesture by Mr. Ferrari to "take car of the little guy" IMO.
  6. ferrari sulla pellicola

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    Sergio Scaglietti history with Ferrari goes back to the Scuderia ferrari cars of the '30's as an teenager,repairing the mudguards on the Alfa team cars,but also formed an uncommly close (for enzo) friendship lunching together every saturday for 21 consecutive years recalling that while never arranged before hand,the phone would ring on sat mornings with the usual question,"Well Scagletti,where are you going now?" the lunch conversations depended on how the cars were performing Sergio saying that in early days he flew into rages when cars where winning and often more gentle when things were going rough,or recounting his memories as a wounded soilder and hearing the coffins of his dead companions being nailed shut.
    Sergio also stated that in later years they hardly ever talked cars instead sharing champagne while the conversations often were about women something Sergio recalled much better than talking cars and each took solice with the others company during the august holidays with enzo calling on the first saying " look,im around".Scaglietti explained it as ridiculous but for us to be without work,without the noise of machinery meant despair".
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  8. Juan-Manuel Fantango

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    Jan 18, 2004
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