Scuderia Sarasota (Fall items)

Discussion in 'Florida' started by Sloan83qv, Aug 8, 2004.

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    Mar 8, 2001
    with BIG Dave M.
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    Little Dave M.
    Scuderia Sarasota,

    The Hot August night cookout at Suzi and Charlie Morgenthalers on Friday night was wonderful! Suzi and Charlie created an amazing feast that will not soon be forgotten. For those of you who can’t wait to return Suzi and Charlie’s they have made it known that you all will be invited to their annual Holiday Party in December.

    5 Items for the fall:

    1) When you fail to get an invitation for September’s dinner remember there is no September dinner (As it has been for 3 years now), I would hate some of you to think that you had been removed from the list because you have decided to drive a Lambo or a Porsche in Public, I will not punish you for that but you will eventually have to answer to the HIGHEST AUTHORITY (Hint: Enzo).

    2) Octobers Dinners is also rescheduled (sometimes Change is GOOD and this is GOOD). Urte and Max Rottmann have offered to hold the next dinner at there home in Punta Gorda and based on how great a time we all had at Suzi and Charlie’s the powers to be have accepted Urte and Max’s invitation.

    To accommodate the drive to Punta Gorda the Dinner (Cookout) will be on Saturday October 2nd at 4 pm. Details will be sent in September.

    3) In November For Scuderia Sarasota 3rd year anniversary we will return to our traditional Monday Night Dinner at Divino’s Ristorante on Main Street. (November 1)

    4) In December the Goeldner’s are offering to host the Holiday Dinner at the Oaks Club House in the informal Grillroom and since they are closed on Mondays we will do that Dinner on the first Tuesday of the month (December 7th). (Robert I will be in touch) (Ali, if you bring the Lambo please park on the far side of the clubhouse)

    5) The monthly Drives will resume in the fall, most likely with the first in mid to late October, suggestions are welcome.

    I look forward to a 4th year of Scuderia Sarasota, just remember no where in the United States is there a Ferrari group like us that has met for dinner every month for 36 consecutive months (except Septembers) and we do it without Dues, Politics and Boards.

    Thanks to all of you for keeping this enjoyable!

    “It is Good to be King”
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  3. Shamile

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    Dec 31, 2002
    Lakeland FL
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    Dear Ferraristi,

    Long live the king. :)

  4. AEHaas

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    May 9, 2003
    Osprey, Florida
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    Ali E. Haas
    I just caught that Paul. Very funny.


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