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Discussion in 'Florida' started by BartonWorkman, Mar 24, 2005.

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    We have received updated information from the Sheraton Beach Key
    Largo resort. They report 20 rooms were taken at the group rate and
    a few more reservations came in post-deadline so we may expect
    anywhere from 25-30 cars to take part in the Keys Rally.

    Our great friends from Tire & Wheel Choices are donating two incredible
    door prizes which we will give away at the Saturday dinner at the
    Tree Top Restaurant.

    The resort also reports that they will be sold out on the weekend
    of April 16-17 as the Keys will also be hosting a Bike Week event.
    For those who would like to take part in the Rally and have not made
    reservations, you may consult a travel agent or the Internet for
    available rooms in the area but we must say, they are going to be
    very difficult to find.

    Some questions have come up such as those whom may wish to just
    have their cars on display at the various stops along the route, joining
    us for lunch at the Mutineer or returning to the Mainland Saturday evening.

    If you would like to do this, we have no objection but dont really see the point of having a car on display and we are discouraging driving after an afternoon of partying at the resort. Scuderia South Florida is not a drinking and driving club.

    Scottie is putting togther another instructional event at Speed Indoor
    Racing next Thursday with Alex. This time it will feature more circuit
    walk-around on Monaco and then lead-follow sessions. Those of us who attended the first instructional event at SIR a couple of weeks ago
    all learned a great deal. For more information, contact Scottie:

    Some of us will be meeting at the NetJet/Marquis Jet event at the Boca
    Raton Airport event this Saturday from noon until 3PM. There will be
    Ferraris and Rolls Royces on display along with some of the NetJet/
    Marquis Jet fleet which will be open for inspection. For more information
    visit our website:

    Our annual trip to Sebring for the Ferrari Club of America Florida
    Region event will be next weekend. The FCA is reporting a huge registration
    and of course we always look forward to a great time at Sebring with
    our friends from around the country.

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