Scuderia SSS Republica di Venezia Comte Volpi

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  1. Chuck Queener

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    May 18, 2006
    Matt tried to tell everyone the Breadvan was a special GTO. As I remember he bought it from Asa Clark who actually brought into the US. Matt was not easy on his cars. Several years ago he showed up at the Rodeo Dr. concourse with white Testarossa, or something, decked out with a wing and other junk and Buitoni, then president of FNA, through him out.

    Chuck Q
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    This is an amazing thread. I hope it continues.
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    But apparently Alf Francis did not like driving race cars ... according to a book my father has. He once was "forced" (by Bertochi) to drive a Maserati 250F around the test track that Maserati used (BTW Bertochi had the lap record) when he was looking after Stirlings car and scared himself sh!tless (or something like that).

  4. krasnavian

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    Matthew did acquire the Breadvan from Asa though Asa did not import the car--an act which I believe involved the complicity of Ed Niles, Dick Merritt and Gary Wales in varying degrees. Matthew was never one to tread lightly and, after knowing him for forty years, I can attest that he is one of the great, entertaining characters that one never forgets. If Butoni did throw him out, I'm certain Matthew's response would have been, "I've been kicked back into better places than this!"

    He and I recently spent an entire evening at Musso & Frank enjoying filet mignon, single malt scotch and some superbly aged memories.
  5. mateo37

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    May 8, 2007
    Matthew Stewart Ettinger, SAYS = Truth be known and not just some random tab of acid talk, The Breadvan was in fact brought into the US by A most unique character and fantastic automobile builder, and a personal friend; Gary Wales, and his good friend Roberto Galdoni, (I hope I spelled his name correctly). It was then sold to Asa Clark who could not quite fit this strange car into his life. I bought it with two broken legs but then that's a story for another time. The Bread van was always a rebodied Short Wheelbase with a GTO style front nose. And Queener, no one back then would try to make that car out as a GTO it was too special a Ferrari to create cross breading fantasies. I am also surprised at your Ferrari ignorance. For a guy who is supposed to know so much about the brand how do you mix a Testarossa with a 365 Boxer. If you were there at Rodeo Drive when the interaction with Gian Luigi Buitoni took place, then you would not be speaking out of your ass as in your quote. You are right in several facts, which amazes me considering your outright lack of my personal Ferrari history. I was thrown out by the concourse organizers wife for not having a; lets call it a stock Ferrari Boxer and it was white with a wing. And I do drive the hell out of my Ferraris, isn't that what there made for. Other then that you need to change dope dealers. As I was driving out of the show a group of suits stoped me and the leader asked me where I was going. I matter of factly told him that I was asked to leave. With overwhelming incredulity he said that willl not be the case on this day with such a magnificent (his words) looking Ferrari. This tall, nice looking, well dressed man, was non other then Luca di Montezemala, Chairman and Operating Director of Ferrari SPA. He then called over Gian Buitoni, President of Ferrari North America to find me a show parking space. With that Buitoni walked in front of my car as I followed him with my boxer to a fantastic space next to a GTO. Many people that were there that day often recall the story with great humor, considering the hollow and false bravado of the Ferrari Club Of America. If you need any more truthfull facts Queener, don't hesitate to ask me, I'm in the book.
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    Who here actually knows and talks with The Count? I've got one of the 20 1:12 Breadvan models made by Model Workshop, and I would LOVE to maybe send the base of the display case it's in over to him and have him autograph it for me - if possible... Can anyone assist with that?
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    Carbon McCoy
    Steve, if I ever make it back out to California, can I join you two for dinner? I'll supply the steak and single malt. :)
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    Any time you want, Carbon!
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    Marc Sonnery
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    Matt Ettinger welcome to Ferrarichat!

    I really enjoyed interviewing you for the Breadvan book, Gary Wales was pretty colorful too! Things have changed since that era and not for the best as you know, too much speculation and concours mentality now, not enough fast drives and fun so thank you for the memories: the book will be out in July: we did pretty well: apart of the main text by Keith Bluemel I gathered 37000 words of interview for a single car, has to be a record. Count Volpi was very gracious and interesting in our conversations.

    I very much hope to met you in L.A. (or Europe) one day, perhaps with Stephen and Tom Meade.

    best regards,

    Marc Sonnery
  10. Chuck Queener

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    May 18, 2006
    Please say Hello!

    Chuck Queener
  11. Chuck Queener

    Chuck Queener Karting

    May 18, 2006
    Surprises never cease. Good to know your well. I was NOT at that particular event but you know how stories get circulate and rumors get started, having spread a few yourself. You must a grandfather by now!
  12. Teenferrarifan

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    +1 Great to have you here, and please share your stories!!!!! :)
  13. Ed Niles

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    Edwin K. Niles
    God loves you, Matt! Do us all a favor and post some tales from the day. Ed
  14. mateo37

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    May 8, 2007
    I met a man once way back when, so way back Noah was passing by on his wagon with another load of lumber while we were talking. He told me he had climbed Mount Everest. No fan-fare, no cameras, and no magazine front page. It was his personal adventure and the only way he could prove it to us ordinary folk, was to have the 3 Sherpa’s that had been his companions on the climb surgically attached to his hip to corroborate this extraordinary feat. It was his story and his personal adventure and the people out there could take it or leave it. The point of me telling you this is that my stories are my stories. They are not wildly embellished to enhance my ego or to make my life anymore than what it already is. I have been given 72 years of life that has allowed me to parlay it into one hell of an E ticket ride. If any of you out there in cyber space take the time to read anything I have to say, then I humbly thank you.

    This reminds me of the time I took my last ex wife to the Ferrari factory in Maranello. This would be my 3rd trip to the factory and on this occasion it was to take delivery of a new Boxer. I had been there enough times now to understand the factory system and just how impossible it was to get an audience with Commendatori, Enzo Ferrari.
    Let me set the stage of this factory visit. My wife was 17 years my junior and stunning. She was all of 5 foot 2 inches tall and had dark brown hair long enough to grace the small cleavage on her backside. Her eyes were blue gray and fascinating. To top this off she was all of 108 pounds and her natural chest came into a room just shy of 5 minutes before she did. She had the factory front office all abuzz. The showroom had so many guys in there one would think that the factory was about to give away V12s like candy. Then the fun began. The VP of sales began to give her all kinds of Ferrari stuff, silk scarf’s, umbrellas, key chains, models, leather books, and the best of all, the great Ferrari plastic calendar off the showroom wall. I still have most of this stuff including the calendar in my collection of memorabilia. Then we were given a personal tour of the factory. It was off the charts. When my wife asked if she could have “one of those cute little horse hood emblems” they gave her a hand full. No kidding a hand full, 7, 8, it was heaven. Then came the invitation to have lunch in the Ferrari Restaurant across the street with none other than, Enzo Ferrari, himself. Off we went, the factory execs all hot and sweaty scrambling to peek at my braless wife move under her blouse. Seated, my wife was across from Enzo (of course) when she let out a scream “there is a worm in my salad”. With a swoop of his hand Enzo Ferrari snatched the tiny little white worm off her plate and plucked it into his mouth saying “Sonora, it is just a little Italian protein”. What a gentlemen. The rest of the afternoon was spent getting Enzo drunk enough to offer me my pick of any Ferrari free or at least parts for life. LOL
  15. Chuck Queener

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    May 18, 2006
    Matt, You told me once "It was back when Moby Dick was a minnow." How old are you???

  16. BigTex

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    It says "72" in the text of that post above.....
  17. krasnavian

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    Dec 24, 2003
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    Last night at an art showing for William Laga, Matthew confessed to a friend's daughter that he is, in fact, 127. Later he amended that to 173, but that was only after enjoying a Cuban Monte Cristo and a soufflé au chocolat at The Little Door.
  18. KJER

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    May 30, 2006
    Did the Count drive a Mercedes 600 as private car ?
  19. GIOTTO

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  20. bitzman

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    Feb 15, 2008
    I come at this history from another angle-as a biographer of deTomaso.
    I have a few misc. questions:

    --I once had pictures of the Count talking to deTomaso before a single seater test , was he a client of deTomaso or of OSCA when de Tomaso was the factory test driver?

    -Was he satisfied with the Agena designed by Tjaarda? Was it built to his satisfaction?
    It appears to be a Mangusta from the beltline down? Was it using a Mangusta chassis?

    -when I wrote one of my books on deTomaso I couldn't get anyone to say anything complimentary about him, mostly swear words, was there any saving grace to the man? I realize that , as an Argentine, he was always thought of as the outsider, despite his whole career being spent in Italy.

    --Did the Italians think it was one the great feats of business history/salesmanship when deTomaso managed to sell Ford the Ghia carrozzeria and his Pantera operation yet still be allowed to build Panteras for the rest of the world?

    I would be grateful for any opinions from someone who was there, on the scene, at the time,
  21. DenisC

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    Wally, Do you know if the Agena cars were rebodied Mangusta(s) or built as new.

    Would love the see the rear frame area where DeT used to stamp VINs
  22. Diablo_4_Ever

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    PM me ...

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