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    Its time. The paint was looking a very tired and old, plus bubbles started to show. The paint was never great anyway.
    I have always wanted a nice paint job on my Sebring but had never found the right guy, but now I did..
    Mario and Son Classic Car Paint and Body out in Hesperia CA which is about an hour and 10 minutes from LA.
    I first heard about him through another F-Chatter Chris in Huntington Beach who used Mario to paint his Ghibli a year or so ago.
    Also the owner of MIE, Joque has a few of his cars there.
    I first took Mario my just about dead Lamborghini Espada. I bought this car site unseen and really paid the price for being lazy and not jumping on a plane to put my eyes and hands on it. Oh well. I couldn't find anyone that wanted to work on it for a reasonable price, then Mario came to the rescue. He took this dead old car and went through every bit of it removing any rusty panel and remanufacturing new ones. Just an amazing job. The car is now at my mechanics shop getting the engine and everything else put back in.
    I then took Mario my tired old Ferrari 400i and he is just about finished with that now. It didn't need much just a high-quality paint job.
    Lastly, the Sebring now.
    He usually works on one or 2 cars at a time. He has a small shop, about 4000 feet but seems to move very fast. My Espada only took less than 6 months to complete. With that much body work I was very impressed..
    If anyone is looking for a good place please PM me and I will give you Mario's contact info..
    I will post pictures of the Sebring work as I get them..
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