Sell me on expensive sunglasses.

Discussion in 'Fine Watches, Jewelry, & Clothes' started by robert_c, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. f355red

    f355red Formula Junior

    Mar 14, 2005
    K-town NC
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    todd tanner
    yes!! exactly my only complaint, well you also cant see the readout at gas pumps either..
    i wear oakley Xmetals almost exclusively.they are a little heavy if you arent use to it but i like a heavier pair
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  3. spirot

    spirot F1 World Champ
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    Dec 12, 2005
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    Tom Spiro
    Quaddrouple Ditto....Love my Maui Jims Highly recommend that you get a pair. they are very very good glasses.
  4. Crazyhorse

    Crazyhorse Formula Junior

    Jul 23, 2007
    Mooresville,Nc (Race
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    Bill Long
    Ok i'll be the odd one here, i have a pair of Bolle's ($125) and i love them. Some Years back i met one of the owners of ''Spy'' optics and got a pair of those and i still have them,they are great but as mentioned before can't see radio or other things with them on.
  5. anotherguy

    anotherguy F1 Rookie

    Feb 22, 2004
    Don't put them down and forget them like I did. My favorite pair of sunglasses I have ever had where Oliver Peoples and I walked away from them at a bar. Realized 5 minutes later that I had left them and they were gone. Never been able to find a similar pair.

    For a lot of the stuff I do Oakleys are the way to go but I am always on the lookout for a well made pair that makes me look less like I wish I was a professional baseball player.
  6. rocketv

    rocketv Rookie

    Aug 25, 2009
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    The dark lenses of sunglasses cause your pupils to dilate and let in more light. Cheap sunglasses don't filter the incoming harmful rays and your eyes get damaged. The problem is, you don't even know it while it's happening. Whichever brand you choose, the better sunglasses should have higher quality optics, which will protect your eyes from these harmful rays. Polarizing the lenses cuts glare, but also makes it difficult for you to read certain screens on your dash or on gas pumps, etc.
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  8. BillyD

    BillyD Formula 3
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    Feb 28, 2004
    Pacific Northwest
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    Polarized is the way to go, cuts the glare in 308s & I'm sure other cars too. Like others said the problem is lots of display screens look blank (gas pumps, stereos, etc) plus they make factory window tint look blotchy. I go thru a pair of RayBans every 2 years or so, $50 a year to save my eyes is cheaper than a good bottle of Tequila ;-)
  9. huichoval

    huichoval Formula Junior

    Aug 8, 2009
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  10. OC Speed Junkie

    OC Speed Junkie Formula 3

    Aug 6, 2005
    Southern California
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    I had that problem with one of my cars (digital speedometer).

    I wear sunglasses everyday. That is enough justification for me.
  11. kaamacat

    kaamacat Formula 3

    Jun 13, 2004
    Cumming GA
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    What he said +1. I'd challenge anyone to put a set of MJ's up against any other sunglass for sheer clarity and contrast. (Only issue I had with them was fit, just being a bit tight around the back of the ears for the model I wanted and ended up getting a RayBan similar style). And althought the RBs are very good, still the MJ's are much better in the contrast area. It's darn near like having a set of 3D glasses on.

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  13. Slim

    Slim Formula 3

    Oct 11, 2001
    Pacifica, CA, USA
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    #35 Slim, Nov 23, 2009
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    Funny that several of you mentioned not being able to read the car stereo with your polarized Maui Jim's on because I was just messing with my head unit's display to see if one of its customizable color settings was easier to see with my glasses on. No such luck.

    But that is the only time I don't totally dig the Maui Jim's. I resisted buying them for years and stuck to the "younger" surf company styles because Maui Jim's seemed to be styled for older guys, but...well, now that I'm in my 40s I figure I'm old enough. And I wear them every day.

    I was wearing them while cycling today and it was foggy out and when I took the glasses off to remove my helmet for a moment, I noticed the lenses were all wet. But I couldn't tell this with them on: vision was still clear. Nice...
  14. darth550

    darth550 Five Time F1 World Champ
    Lifetime Rossa

    Jul 14, 2003
    In front of you
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    I've got 3 pairs of Maui Jim's and have never had that problem.
  15. GrndLkNatv

    GrndLkNatv Formula Junior

    Sep 13, 2006
    Grand Lake, Colorado
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    Mark Stephens

    Well I have two different pairs of Vaurnet, 3 pairs of Persol, 4 pair of Ray Bans, 2 Julbo, 1 Panoptic, and 1 pair of Wiley X, have tried Oakley, Revo and all the rest. I find it depends on what I am doing as to what pair of sunglasses I will wear. If I am out in the snow at high altitude on snowmobiles I tend to wear my Vaurnet or Wiley X sunglasses because they cut the glare the best in very bright conditions. In the car on the road, well I tend to wear my Persol's. My Ray Ban's tend to be worn when I am out on the lake in the Chris Craft, Panoptics for snow skiiing on cloudy days and the Julbo's for hiking in the snow on very bright days.

    Sounds crazy, but I think it's all a matter of what works best for the individual.
  16. PAP 348

    PAP 348 Moderator
    Moderator Owner

    Dec 10, 2005
    Mount Isa, Australia
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    Ive had my Oakley M-frames since 1996. Bought em for AU $260 when I was 16. I saved that money myself while working at a kebab shop. :eek::eek:

    Anywho, I still have them and they are GREAT! VERY comfortable on my fat head. :):)

    I have bought the el-cheapo shades for AU $20 here and there just for show. :):)

    Nicole continually buys AU $200-$300 every year or so. WASTE of time and money because she eventually breaks them in her handbag or in her pocket etc..etc.

    I keep telling her to get the cheapies if she keeps breaking them, but she wont listen to me. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  17. SubLV

    SubLV Karting

    Apr 23, 2009
    the lens is probably distorted on cheap glasses, killing your eyes.
  18. Mbutner

    Mbutner Formula 3

    Aug 11, 2005
    Portland, OR Area
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    Quick Draw
    I own Maui Jim, Oakley, Polarized Ray Ban, Polarized Persol, and Mosley Tribe Polarized with VFX optics. Hands down, the Mosley Tribes are my favorite. Just fantastic sunglasses. Worth every penny, and are more comfortable to wear to boot. The Persol are my second favorite for style/ optics but fit terribly if I even begin to sweat...
  19. sdtradingguy

    sdtradingguy Formula Junior
    Silver Subscribed

    Apr 20, 2007
    San Diego, CA
    +1- They are the only glasses my wife or I will wear. I never have to squint with them and I can wear them in all sorts of lighting conditions.
  20. Cayenne06

    Cayenne06 Formula Junior

    Aug 28, 2008
    God's Country, NC
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    David J
    Costa Del Mar for me. Lifetime warranty. Great customer service.
  21. Radiopilot

    Radiopilot Karting

    Dec 10, 2009
    Savannah, GA
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    Nick R.
    Target... $16 and they are polarized and look like $200 glasses, if they break (which they haven't in 1 year's time since I got them) I just get another one, I believe the brand is IronMan... on the glasses is printed "WAKE POL FTG TEST" on one of the arms. They're equivalent to my old PRADA glasses which cost me $175.

    I've owned Ray Bans, Oakley's, and other name brand glasses but it's not me to spend that kind of dough anymore, when the above glasses break/get lost I just walk into Target and get my next quality pair and they are pretty decent quality.
  22. opencollector

    opencollector Formula Junior

    Feb 1, 2005
    CA Central Coast
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    #44 opencollector, Dec 18, 2009
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    As has been mentioned, polarized is a must for driving. It can dramatically knock down the dashboard's reflection in the windshield, a benefit which trumps any problem reading a radio display.

    Most people know about the dangers of UV radiation, but there's mounting evidence that outside there are intense energies at the blue end of the visible spectrum that are also damaging to the eyes. Look for so-called "high-energy visible" (HEV) attenuating lenses.

    Polarized, HEV-blocking glass can be ordered by an optometrist to fit many designer frames, so you don't necessarily need to constrain your frame shopping to the original-equipment lenses.
  23. wahoowa

    wahoowa F1 Veteran
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    Aug 7, 2008
    _East Coast_
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    I just dropped my MJ Titanium's..... again.... and put a scratch in the line of sight...arghh! I called MJ to find out if they had any kind of relief....the CS Rep cheerily beamed, "well you know you can just send them in and for $60 we'll put two BRAND NEW lenses in them and shoot 'em back out to you".

    $60 bucks for new MJ's (just don't lose them... :) )? I'm a customer for life.

    Every optician seems to rave about them as well (color clarity, optical quality, UV eye protection, etc)...of course, I don't know their dealer margin and they never discount. I love my REVO's and Vaurnets as well, but they seem to "light" for water /beach use.
  24. Newman

    Newman F1 World Champ
    Professional Ferrari Technician Consultant Owner

    Dec 26, 2001
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    The only complaint I have about my Maui Jim's is the feeling of prescription glasses when I first put them on. After a minute or so the feeling goes away but it makes me wonder if im effecting my eyes somehow and ill need glasses as a result!
  25. ferrarilover

    ferrarilover F1 Rookie

    Nov 5, 2003
    Barrie, ON, Canada
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    Christopher Bailey
    #47 ferrarilover, Jan 15, 2010
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    I picked up a pair of fake Oakleys on the beach in Mexico from a beach vendor when I was there in December. Actually my wife liked them so she bought a pair of fake Vuarnets. The guy that sold them to me said they were "Mexican Oakleys"! I'm more than pleased with them, they are polarized, and are darker than my old Bolles (that another vendor bought from me!!!!!!!!!!!) so I like them better. The deal, he started at $18 USD, and with selling my crap old Bolles (That I got for free - know an old Bolle rep) that I never really liked anyway, I ended up paying $2 for my Joakleys when all said and done!

    This pic shows what they look like (web photo of genuine oakleys).

    Image Unavailable, Please Login
  26. saleenfan

    saleenfan Formula Junior

    Mar 26, 2006
    No Where
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    I bought a pair of DKNY sunglasses during black friday. The only reason why i bought them was because i liked them and i got em for 20 bucks. I will say this though, the lenses suck. My raybans, maui jims and sarengettis are far superior. I love the way they look when im wearing a suit but the lenses are soft and inconsistent. SO avoid DKNY like the plague.
  27. wahoowa

    wahoowa F1 Veteran
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    Aug 7, 2008
    _East Coast_
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    I was driving with one of my good buddies one day and he forgot his sunglasses, I offered him a spare pair of MJ's I keep in the armrest (Flexon - the ones with the uber premium glass lenses) to wear. He said that same thing - I sorta thought he was nuts....I guess not! I thought that maybe it was the subtle shading this particular MJ lens has...kinda an added band of reflection at the top and bottom....

    He's a big offshore fishing guy and exclusively wears Costa Del Mars....

    Anybody else experience this?
  28. MGD416

    MGD416 Formula 3

    Jun 4, 2006
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    you think fake oakleys off the beach in mexico are polarized... hahaha your joking right?

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