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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by 355fiorano, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. 355fiorano

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    Oct 21, 2003
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    How do you get your garage to stamp the service book ? The service book has pages to stamp that are based on the car mileage. Clearly most of us do not do that sort of mileage between services or cam belt changes. What do you do with the serivce stamps.
    Speecifically I am looking at my 308 which is going for a service. Is has had the following service mileages but they do not correspond with the manual:

    22-02-85 - 1000 KM As per service book
    23-04-86 - 5000 KM As per service book
    No stamps till I bought the car from with 35k. I do have the mileage history via the MOT certificates and some receipts
    14-10-97 - 35099 KM Stamped @ service books 35km page
    02-10-99 - 40492 KM Not Stmaped as next page is 45km
    26-05-00 - 43167 KM Ditto
    01-06-01 - 47560 KM Not stamped but can be put on 45km
    04-03-02 - 49719 KM Next page is 65km ! Not Stamped
    11-07-02 - 51380 KM Ditto etc ...

    Anyway I am now still on 58000 km and don't know where to stamp it. I have all the receipts but as most times I forget to take the service book with me, I have not ahd it stamped. I was thinking of taking it this time to to sort it out but its more cmplicated than I thought.

    Would you:
    a) get the stamps on every page irrespecive of the service interval mileage it shows and write the mileage on
    b) Not bother and just keep the receipts

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  3. S11eps

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    Dec 8, 2004
    Cambridgeshire, UK
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    Simon Shepherd
    I had a similar situation with my 348, where the car had clearly had more services than the book allowed for (on average 2 to 1.

    I just had the book stamped and ignored what mileage it stated. It has been serviced many times more than it shoud have (according to the book). So although its only done 56k km's, I have the book stamped to (IIRC) 90k km's.

    It's my belief that a book full of stamps is more important than the mileages not tallying up (especially when you've had 20 services to the 10 that it states for same mileage).

    Keep every receipt, and have them record the mileage in the book also - as Long as its clear to ap potential buyer, I don't think there's a prob.
  4. daz355

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    Jan 31, 2004
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    Darren P
    Get the book stamped and write down the mileage in the book for that service.

  5. 355fiorano

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    Oct 21, 2003
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    Thanks guys. I also asked mike @ QV who has done most of the servicing and he said to do the same. He actaully said teh best is to put multiple stamps with mileage and date on each page until I reach the next mileage page. I gues i will go with the concensus.


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