Service does demolition derby on new esv

Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by robert biscan, Mar 13, 2004.

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    I bought a new cadillac esv escalade, black about 2 weeks ago. I noticed a vibration at highway speed and asked the dealer to rebalance the tires. When I went to pick it up the drivers door had 2 chips where it banged something and the wood on the center console was scrached. I brought it back and they half ass fixed the stuff and then I noticed a door ding in the rear of the car near the passenger rear wheel. So now I need paint work and I am totally dissatisified with having all these nicks in 2 weeks from the service department. Everyone is super nice but it is just pissing me off. The rear bumper also has a small skined place on it now too. The black paint shows swirls form the sorry job on the drivers door. I should of bought a white car and now I'm being punished. It's back to the dealer on Monday for round 2. They had my car 5 days last time.
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    Call ahead and find out when the regional manufacturer's rep will next be at the dealer. They have regoinal service, and sales guys who can often help to resolve this kind of stuff.

    You'll also find that the in-house sales manager may be more helpful especially if you wander in on a Saturday afternoon, car in tow, and talk to him on the showroom floor.

    The last thing they want is you making a scene about the trouble you've had with their service department on a busy Saturday afternoon in front of all those prospective customers. DON'T LET HIM DRAG YOU INTO HIS OFFICE, STAY ON THE FLOOR.

    Might consider contacting your insurer too. After all, you do have a damage claim from a single incident. He'll probably tell you to try and work it out with the dealer, but a call from your insurance company to the dealer, asking about the claim will bring additional pressure

    And, last of all, DON'T CAVE. Make sure they know you're serious about getting the car fixed by them, right, for free. Keep banging away, and keep indreasing the pressure. They are responsible for the damage, and should make good.

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