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    I am looking for recommendations / reviews for dealer and independent service in the central Illinois area. I have 2 Ferrari dealers to choose from by me and have been in contact with both of them, Continental Ferrari of Hinsdale, IL and Ferrari of Lake Forest, IL. The previous major service on my 1989 328 GTS was done at the Lake Forest dealer back in 2002. Anyone on here have any recommendations / reviews on either of these two dealers or a good independent that knows 328's, as I need to choose which one will do the major service on it.
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    Continental for sure!
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    Nothing negative to say about either... just happy to tell you Lake Forest has treated me very well despite me buying a car out of Texas because of the combination of colors that I wanted... they have really been great to work with on annual service, storage and other cosmetics... Nick, one of the owners reached out to me early on in my car search and has always been generous in his advice. To me that says something about the culture of the place.
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    Where in central Illinois are you? If you’re near Peoria try if you don’t want to drive up or Continental it is.

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    I have had great and bad experiences with Lake Forest.
    I have had consistent experiences with Continental
    When necessary, I go to Continental now.

    For a 328, the guy you want is in Pewaukee.

    I have not used Al, but numerous people I know have and it is A+ for vintage Ferrari's.

    Need SD computer work? Continental then....they did things Lake Forest couldn't do on my 355.

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