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    Hello Folks-

    As you can tell, I am very much in the embryonic stages in my search for my dream car, a 512 BBi. I was hoping that those with infinate knowledge on this topic could guide me as to where I can ascertain some solid information on this car and how to go about purchasing one. I respect the fact that as with any used car, there are things that one must be weary of, i.e. "pitfalls" before purchasing. I just want to learn as much as possible at this point before venturing into actually searching for the "right car." I believe that I have absorbed much from all the input from this site and a few of the other internat sources.

    Thanks in advance for all the replies.


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    Are you Nigerian?????????
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    Franklin E. Parker
    I traded my ex-348 Spider even for my current BB512i. For me, I preferred a Boxer that had been driven some, mine had 12,xxx miles, and one that hadn't had the major service done recently as I wanted to have it done myself to be sure it was done right and so I could do other things were done while the engine was out. So, while my service was being done, I had the headers/mufflers and all exhaust pipes cermanic coated, I had the brake calipers rebuild and refinished in the OEM gold cad color, had the DOT side marker lights and rubber bumpers removed to bring the car back to euro-spec, had brake/clutch system flushed and fluids changed, had the radiator re-cored, had the tires balanced and a 4 wheel alignment as well as other little things such as a new battery, complete detail of engine compartment, repainting of plenums, intake runners and engine and a full detailing. Once the major service was complete, I was ready to roll. If you find a nice Boxer without a recent service, just negotiate down the cost to get the service done. That way you get to pick the shop and you can monitor all work as it gets done. Just MHO. The only problems I have had since was the need to rebuild the alternators and a new fuse box which were causing a cooling fans to turn too slow .
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    We have two 512BBi here...

    A Red/Tan one owner, low miles. Really nice

    A Silver/Oxblood two owner, one of which was AJ Foyt, Jr.
    You know HE babies a machine.............NOT!
    This car is tied up in probate.
    Probably take $128K to spring it.

    Let me know.

  5. ferraripete

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    i would be happy to speak w/ you on boxers and finding a good one. it can be a very ardous process and as an example, i looked at 12 cars before finding the correct one.

    other folks to speak w/ inorder to get a sense of these cars would be dick fritz on the east coast or tony palladino on the west coast.

    as a note, tony has called the boxer the "sparticus" of road going ferraris!

    i agree and believe a boxer is the cornerstone of any ferrari road collection.

    pm if you wish.

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    Hi and welcome to F-CHAT, i have been looking for a 512BBI for a while now and have seen some good, bad , and ugly, for reasons beyond my control i am no longer in the market for said car, but have built up quite a collection of nice examples wich i have looked at, let me know and i will put you on the right route for some of them. BTW where are you from?
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    Frank R. Masiarz
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