Shameless plug alert, Iconic Motorbikes Marina del Rey

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    A newish shop opened in Marina del Rey...They are kind of like a Mecca of all things unique and rare.

    I bumped into the owner who brought up like 15 bikes to this years World Super Bike Races at Laguna...a few days later:

    I had the pleasure of buying (his first sale) a 2001 AMA Formula Extreme bike from this fellow Adam.

    Needless to say he's a gear head extraordinaire and his shop is literally filled with the finest in 2 wheeled exotica, part museum, part service shop, part sales, all good...its worth a visit.

    I am not affiliated with this shop in any fiscal way, he's a cool dude doing some neat things with very rare bikes...If I have violated some rule I don't mean to. More interested in spreading the word to like minded people with the sickness
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    thanks for this! I'm a few miles away in Santa Monica and always wanted an old school 2 stroke race bike.
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    wow they have some incredible stuff.

    04 RC51 Nicky Hayden edition....drool.....
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    That is one cool list of bikes.

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