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  1. sergrufo

    sergrufo Rookie

    Jun 18, 2022
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    Aloha. I will be picking my my first Ferrari near Chicago soon and want to drive it a bit on the mainland before shipping it to Honolulu. Perhaps drive to St. Louis area, arrange to have the car picked up from a local owner”s garage (while I stay in a hotel) take the owner out for dinner and then fly home. Any tips or other suggestions appreciated. I feel odd calling the local dealer and asking for help when I will not be spending any money at the dealer (car being serviced in Lake Forest Illinois). Thanks. Sergio [email protected]
  2. FFmissouri

    FFmissouri Rookie

    Jun 7, 2023
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    Jack MacDonough
    Sorry, I just noticed this request.
    Not sure what advice you are looking for since your local friend can suggest hotels and restaurants.
    The local Ferarri dealer is relatively recent. They are part of a bigger group and brought some of their people from their store in Houston. It is beyond first class, and they will be happy to see you and help you in any way. If you need any service ask for Matt or Scott.
    I don’t know what your friend would like for dinner, but Clayton has better restaurants than downtown. The city is best known for Italian food. Cafe Napoli has the most Ferraris parked outside. Tony’s is good, especially if you eat upstairs in the bar. Casa Don Alfonso is at the Ritz Carlton hotel. Non Italian, go to 801 Chop or 801 Fish 50 yards from the Ritz. The Crossing is also excellent.

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