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    From Google Earth:

    19 deg 51' 58.30" N, 155 deg 06' 58.40" W, 402' Elevation
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    As you go down the hill, and pass Stable Camp Road, there were two houses under construction on the left, abandoned mid-construction a few years ago. My lot is the adjoining lot up the hill from them. Are they still the same, finished, or demolished?

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    OK, I see your lot is the triangular one near the junction of Akaka Falls Rd and Stable Camp Road. The two houses under construction next to your lot are still derelict. A month or so ago a dozer was there cleaning up the debris and overgrown vegetation around the two houses, and I thought maybe construction would resume. Nope. Wouldn't surprise me at all if one day there's a fire. . . .

    There is relatively little construction underway on the Island right now, so you'd think the various permits would be easy to obtain. On the other hand, the County has just implemented mandatory furloughs of county employees on the first and third Fridays of the month, so everything except public safety-related services is suspended those days.

    I just had some work done on my house (a solar hot water system) which required building and plumbing permits. The plumber pulled the permits with no delay, and the inspector showed up right after the project was finished to sign off on the work. I was astonished.

    So now might be a good time to press on. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know via PM.

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    With the current condition of contracting on the island, if you have the money you will never be able to get a better deal on construction if you shop around. When you need windows, mirrors, and shower doors, give me a call. We are based out of Kona doing a lot of work in the Hilo area.
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    Ultimately, you can ship it to any mainland state, but it first has to go through a port city. If you plan on having it shipped beyond that, you'll have to use overland transport, which will obviously add to the cost. If you can find one company to do the whole thing, maybe not so bad, but I'd be reluctant to ship a Spider with two different companies. In fact, I'd probably look for an outfit that specializes in moving high-end vehicles.

    You should have some options when it comes to finding a shipper, but like I said, you should deal with one that regularly moves nicer vehicles since you are taking on some risk. Your best bet is calling around to get some prices and ask about what services they offer, how frequently the ship between the two areas, what insurance coverage is offered, etc. That's what I did using A1AutoTransport - pepper them with your questions and you'll find out pretty quick if they know what they're doing.
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    2010 ... sorry. Hopefully you've got it worked out by now!
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