should a 21 year old be driving a new m3?

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by bmwm3, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. bmwm3

    bmwm3 Formula Junior

    Jun 6, 2005
    Laguna Hills, OC!
    So what do you guys think
    do you think a 21 year old should be driving a E46 m3?
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  3. JaguarXJ6

    JaguarXJ6 F1 Veteran

    Feb 12, 2003
    Black Hawk, CO
    Full Name:
    Depends on the driver. As their first car? No. Otherwise, I say more power to them. I got **** for being 23 and having a 3 year old XJ. Its almost been 5 years now, I've managed to grow a few whiskers (difficult) and thankfully I don't get any more ****.

  4. RussianM3_dude

    RussianM3_dude F1 Rookie

    Mar 15, 2004
    Full Name:
    Nikolai Petroff
    I was 22 when my parents bought me one. It was my third car. I had no problems.
  5. Pong

    Pong Formula Junior

    Nov 5, 2003
    Full Name:
    If he is a good and responsible kid, I don't see the problem.

    Back in '94 when the Supra just came out in the US, I was driving it to college. I was 20 at that time. I then moved on to the 993 3 years later. Yes, all my parent's money...he he.
  6. RussianM3_dude

    RussianM3_dude F1 Rookie

    Mar 15, 2004
    Full Name:
    Nikolai Petroff
    Are you one of those over-achieving Asian kids ;-) If yes, then there is no problem. Me I am a bit of a dunce and still had nice cars.
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  8. JSinNOLA

    JSinNOLA F1 World Champ
    Sponsor Lifetime Rossa

    Mar 18, 2002
    Denver, CO
    Full Name:
    I had a new C5 Vette when I was 18, and looking back on it I don't think I would have given it to me knowing my habits at the time.

    I think its completely situational. I wasn't mature driving-wise for it at the time and did some crazy things in it. I survived, luckily, and don't think it was the hottest idea for me to have had it at that time.

    Yet there are others who can handle the temptations to drive like a nut-job better. I just wasn't one of them! But man do I have some great memories :D
  9. Serpent Driver

    Serpent Driver Formula Junior

    Jul 4, 2004
    There really are many spoiled kids here...
    I am 16 years old, and bought a BMW 318i 1986 model some months ago. In Norway we get our licence when we turn 18.
    I am going to turbocharge the M10 engine, really hope I will stay alive when I'm going to drive it.
  10. pjgratz

    pjgratz Karting

    May 17, 2004
    It depends, I was 18 when I bought my first car and it was an '87 944 S, of course it only cost $8500 and I performed as much of the work as I could.

    I was 22 when I bought my 2002 Porsche Boxster new...financially a stupid move but overall it was a good lesson and I really really enjoy the car. But no way am I going back to being a "Gold Collar", even if I make good money.
  11. Dan Ciezniewzky

    Dan Ciezniewzky Formula 3

    Sep 6, 2004
    If he buys it with his own money that he earned I don't see anything wrong with it. Now if mommy and daddy buy it for him...hmmmm, maybe he should get a Honda or Toyota.
    I bought a 2 year old NSX when I was 19 and am now 21 and looking into adding either a Diablo 6.0 or Gallardo, so I may be a lil biased.
    Just be careful and expect high insurance and **** from cops and jellious b@stards.
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  13. Da Hapa

    Da Hapa Formula Junior

    Mar 31, 2005
    Dana Point, CA
    Full Name:
    Christian Asis
    there are exceptions to every rule but... 9 times out of 10, I say no.

    Most 21-year olds lack both the requisite skill set as well as the discipline necessary to safely drive a car with the capabilities of the current M3 (at least here in the states where our requirements for getting a drivers license are an absolute joke).
  14. darth550

    darth550 Five Time F1 World Champ
    Lifetime Rossa

    Jul 14, 2003
    In front of you
    Full Name:
    It all depends on the skills of the kid in question. I will [try to] instill effective driving skills in my son so I can feel comfortable enough to give him a car like that.

    It would make me very happy.
  15. ryalex

    ryalex Two Time F1 World Champ
    Consultant Owner

    Aug 6, 2003
    Las Vegas, NV
    Full Name:
    Ryan Alexander
    I'm going to try and make my kids accept sedans as the cars I help them buy, for safety and humility reasons. Maybe a truck or SUV if they wanted.

    In short, after 18 I wouldn't stop them from buying themselves a sportscar with their own money, but I wouldn't help them buy one. I'll have to write up a good contract so that they can't trade in the car for a sportscar. My friend told me of a kid he knew who's parents got him an SUV and he drove it to the dealer and traded it in for a sportscar, I think it was a Corvette.
  16. bottomline

    bottomline Formula 3

    Mar 10, 2004
    Denver, CO
    Full Name:
    There it is.

    And, contrary to most situations, not related to younger kids and fast cars, I do believe in the saying "if you have to ask...". :)
  17. MikeAR303

    MikeAR303 Formula 3

    Dec 23, 2004
    Chicago, IL
    Full Name:
    If the 21 year old in question belonged in an M3, he or she would probably be able to figure it out on their own.
  18. Dino Martini

    Dino Martini F1 Rookie

    Dec 21, 2004
    Calgary Alberta
    Full Name:
    Sure, if the kid is capable of driving the car in a safe and curdious matter then why not. But he should have to pay for atleast some of the car, or all the matience, or all the insurance.
  19. 99355F1

    99355F1 Formula Junior

    Dec 13, 2004
    Full Name:
    At 22 your parents are still buying your cars for you? I'm sorry, but that's a little rediculous if you ask me.
  20. RussianM3_dude

    RussianM3_dude F1 Rookie

    Mar 15, 2004
    Full Name:
    Nikolai Petroff
    Well, now I am a few years older and a bigshot director of a company. I can now buy my own cars. Nyah, Nyah!!! Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful.
  21. brendon0

    brendon0 Formula Junior
    Silver Subscribed

    Dec 13, 2003
    Tampa FL
    Full Name:
    I bought mine when I was 21. 4 years ago. Never had
    a speeding ticket or a wreck in it yet.

    I think it has alot to do with the maturity level of the driver.
    Lots of idiot 35 year old out there driving overpowered
    cars and making asses of themselves.
  22. Ryan S.

    Ryan S. Two Time F1 World Champ
    Silver Subscribed

    Mar 20, 2004
    A true enthusiast wouldnt get a bloated E46, theyd get an E30 and do it out to sport evo spec, thats a real mans car.
  23. Westworld

    Westworld Two Time F1 World Champ
    Silver Subscribed

    May 18, 2004

    It's the Gold-Collar Generation man. Haven't you heard. :D

    Anyways, it will suck when the Boomers dry up in funds, and kids will have to start working towards things, and by that happens.
  24. TimN88

    TimN88 F1 Veteran

    Jun 12, 2001
    Full Name:
    I agree with most people here in saying that it depends on the driver. Im 21 and I can honestly say a car like that would not be a problem for me. I like to think im responsible enough to own a car like that. I also think that some of my younger friends (some, NOT all) who are 18-20 would also be fine with a car like that. One of my good friends got a new camaro SS with a 325hp LS1 when he was 16. There is no way I would let my 16 yr old son have a 325hp rwd car like that. Its definately not as easy to drive fast as the M3 and it can really bite you if you make a mistake (mainly because of it's ****ty suspension and complete lack of steering feel). Hes 23 now and still has that car.
  25. brassM3

    brassM3 Rookie

    Dec 21, 2004
    Calgary Alberta
    When I was 16 I drove a '94 Dodge Dakota, 6 months after I got my license I bought myself a '03 Cavalier. Last September my parents and I split a '04 M3 and so far I am ticketless and accident-free (I'm 19 now). Granted I think I only ever did one really stupid thing since I've been driving (had 2 friends in the back of the truck for a short jaunt) I will still put the pedal to the floor and cruise at 160km/hr on the way home. Is it wreckless?? I don't know, the roads are usually pretty quiet and in the city with traffic I drive much more carefully. I think this is really a matter of the person's maturity and how responsible they have been in the past.
  26. sherpa23

    sherpa23 F1 Veteran
    Silver Subscribed Owner

    May 28, 2003
    Full Name:
    If you didn't get into an accident then it's totally "wreckless."
  27. Koby

    Koby Formula 3

    Dec 14, 2003
    The Borough, NJ
    Full Name:
    Jason Kobies
    Depends on the driver skill AND maturity of the 21 year old. It's not just the ability to control the car, but the ability to control one's self.
  28. DropGems

    DropGems Formula Junior

    Nov 4, 2003
    Atlantic City, NJ
    m3 at 21 is no big deal. It's a nice, safe car and it's not totally outrageous price-wise. I drove an nsx at 21 and then a Porsche turbo.

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