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  1. Must see the interview we did with Piero Ferrari in Maranello!
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    Todd Lamb (Atlanta Speedwerks) posted on Rennlist that they paid "North of $250K" for the name and the IP - which I would think was basically curriculum and scheduling info and a customer list.

    So far I know they've landed at New Jersey Motorsports Park with the Mustangs and, supposedly, Formula cars by the fall.
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    Matt F
    Thank you.

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    As a former student I'm on the e-mail list. At first I thought a scam so deleted a few.
    Seems they are offering experiences now rather than education. A one day "school" in Mustangs with a helicopter ride and after party.
    New owner's racing credentials seem lacking but all a moot point given the offerings so far.
    Looks to me like the name will get dragged through the mud once more.

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