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    Nov 1, 2003
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    Coming home today from Las Vegas, my sweet thing starting to telling me to SLOW DOWN. CRAP, I was at a stop and it still was saying to “SLOW DOWN”. Screw it. Bonzi. Then it started to flash back and forth from “SLOW DOWN” to “CHECK ENGINE”. Darn, I should have stopped in Baker. No, I think not. I just turn the stupid computer off and drove the beast home.

    Heck, if my car cannot take it why brother?

    PS: no car passed me from Las Vegas today on Thunder Road to Orange County. The 550 is a tank.

    Only drive 12 cylinders

    You have some extras.
  2. frefan

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    Apr 21, 2004
    Had this happen to me in 360. As uderstand it is a safety measure to prevent cats from overheating (which will ruin them). Problem was it would happen when car is cold. If you ignore it then car goes into limp mode, which means computer gradually cuts fuel to car to the point where you have to pull off the road.

    Turned out to be ground problem.

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