slow down light w/ no cats???????

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    Nov 3, 2003
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    I have a '95 355 with cat bypass/tubi installed. Car has run like a top until recently. On a long trip back from Foxwoods to Boston, car all of a sudden throws a Check engine light and loses power. The exaust changed its note and sounded sick. after a few miles check engine light stays on but sick exaust nose goes away and power returns to normal. its a problem that comes and goes frequently. car runs fine about 95% time and sounds sick + down on power the other 5%. The other thing is that the slow down light comes on but I do not have any cats??? the only thing I can think of is the addition of BMC filters about 1 month ago. The car ran fine for the first 2 weeks with them installed.

    ENZOFORZA Karting

    Nov 3, 2003
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  3. MS250

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    Dec 10, 2003
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    On my TR when I went Borla with no cats, the car had a similar problem. It had to be balanced correctly. Apparently, since the air flowed better it threw off the system and caused all kinds of idling problems, plus the slow down light. My mechanic fixed it,he just had to get the fuel / air mixture accurate in all 12 banks. 1 of the banks was throwing off the whole thing.
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    Steve Magnusson
    Jake -- If the same slowdown light always comes "on" when you have the problem (of one bank shutting down) then almost certainly the slowdown warning light ECU (a.k.a., thermocouple control unit) for that bank is flaky. One thing to try is swapping the two warning light ECUs and seeing if the "problem" moves to the other bank (i.e., if the other slowdown warning light now comes "on" when you have the problem) -- this will also give you a chance to just make sure that all the warning light ECU connections are relatively clean/healthy/reseated. As you noted, without cats it's virtually impossible for the exhaust to really overheat so any slowdown warning light must be a false indication.

    Another indicator that a warning light ECU is flaky is if your self-test is not always working well -- is it?
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    Apr 10, 2004
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    Had the same problem, most likely it is one of the two thermocouple control units.
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    Feb 15, 2004
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    John N
    I have the same problem for several months now. It come and goes. I get code 1445 and I can reset it with a OBDII code unit.
    I am tring to find out if a way exist to test if it is one of the two ECUs or thenmal couple with out taking it back to the dealer again.
  7. Ken

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    Oct 19, 2001
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    Loss of power at higher RPMs frequently is critters/blockage in the exhaust.


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