So what's a toasted 95 355 spider with 40k miles worth?

Discussion in '348/355' started by johnk..., Sep 14, 2018.

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    Well, watch this video of Hoovie's new car and pay attention starting at about the 8:50 mark and see what he got for his toasted 355. Note, he did not have agreed value insurance so you may want to save the video for reference.

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    Yeah he made out ok on that one.

    Hope his diff doesn't explode.
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    That car was a roach IMO. He made out like a bandit with $74k.
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    Joseph Troutwine
    Given the major styling points he stated (strakes, wedge front, etc.) I think he should have gone for a nice 348 but I guess I am biased. :) Can't wait for the Wizard to do an engine out on the red head, could be interesting (watch the second vid about the leaks). Guess I'll have to slide over to the Testarossa section to see what they are saying about this vid.

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