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So, will testarossa’s EVER go up in value?

Discussion in 'Boxers/TR/M' started by bpu699, May 15, 2024.

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  1. Bradwilliams

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    BAT doesn't kick off shill bids which does distort. However, the big databases that compare results amongst auctions are extremely inaccurate as they have these results baked in along with many other lots that are "passed lots" or results that came in extremely low and then the auction house inflates the number by let's say 20-35 percent. Which taints the sample and tricks the viewer into thinking the market is higher than it actually is.

    The only way to know the market on a specific car is to seriously follow and stalk them live. It's time consuming but thats the only way.
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  2. lagunacc

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    Aug 24, 2013
    Can't go into some "funny" details due to a pending matter, but a while back a near new TR that "sold" on Bat,
    "resold" at one of the "big auctions", only for the selling dealer to very nonchalantly admit to winning his lot when asked why the car is still for sale.

    As someone with a few decades on that side of the fence put it, lots of "sausage making".
    So long as one understands that, OK.

    Bat has "great" reviews, as do many other auction sites. But kudos to them for not rigging the reviews as other sites do with "invited" reviews.

    In other industries, certain people would be taking a detour through the stripey hole.
  3. Bradwilliams

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    Nothing to understand in my opinion. Crook behavior, plain and simple. The whole point of auctions is to provide the market a transparent price that is determined by the public, NOT THE AUCTION HOUSE. They don't get to make their own prices, the public does with the top bid. Nothing free market about this crooked way of doing business.
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  4. turbo-joe

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  5. read33

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    My Testarossa is borderline priceless to me. My favorite car. It’s a rare, gentlemanly, outrageous and beautiful grand touring GT that turns into a raging beast at 5000 RPMs. The greatest attainable and drivable iconic super car. The best, Jerry, the best.
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