So you like nice things?

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by craze, Mar 22, 2021.

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    My attitude has always been, “I don’t need nice things but the things I have must be nice.”

    meaning: anything can be nice if it’s clean and well cared for.

    (btw...I never liked my 328 Ferrari. My very first impression of it on the way home from the delivery truck was, “What”s all the fuss about? This thing is nothing more than an old Italian car!” And it felt as if it was made of glass.).
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  3. ScottS

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    Scott S
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    I love you all...........

    As far as the the OP question-

    I love fountain pens. They are my gateway drug. I go from 1930 MB to current handmade Japanese Urishi made for my writing.

    I love watches. Mostly vintage and Love Love Love Panerai pre-Vendome. That may not mean anything to most of us.

    I love Ferrari. And cars.

    All of the above are beautiful expressions of mechanical engineering that translate in your hand/wrist/foot into a sense of individual that feels like me. Nevermind that I ran into a guy at the dealership buying a different color same car with the same rare watch on his wrist that day I had on mine with a near identical transaction.

    On graduating from Medical School, my (father and) grandfather brought me to Tourneau Corner to pick out the watch I requested ( a Rolex submariner which all the heart surgeons had then). There were two on hold. A brand new (1990) and a 1960 bubble top. They were the same price. I said I want the new one. My GF asked if I was sure, that the new one was for the man I am, but the old one was for the man he was sure I would become. I picked the new one anyway.

    It took ten years to find the vintage one he had selected for me later and cost ten times the price of the new one now.

    My father was a car guy. For me, my hobby is a connection to the past. My grandfather loved watches and same there. Pens come from my grandmother with a lifetime of loving books.

    So my things are a link to who I am and who they hoped I would become. I am proud to use these things in reflection of my past as reminders of their love. I signed the Birth Certificates with two special pens that are set aside for my sons to have and use for their important documents. Pens that inked my fathers first contract from his business and that edited my first published paper in a medical journal. Links to my past and bridges to their future as whatever they become. Tokens that link our lives in a chain of memory/history. Like the trips y’all describe that create memories for families. Links and reminders.

    Short of those things, other items are things with less value to me.

    Agree with the sentiment as well that all of those things could go away and I would be fine. But perhaps only because I have had them and have had the pleasure of using them for my important moments.

    Here’s the book y’all want to read if this thread resonates.
    I used to give it to all of the graduating Heart Surgeons to help them pick their Rolex:
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  4. kes7u

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    VERY well said. Cutting back here at 49, and also plan to be completely out by 55.


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  5. kes7u

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    I CAN'T be the only one hoping that vintage 'Port' was an auto correct . I just CAN'T be


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  6. Scott98

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    Nov 3, 2004
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    Because I should have said “Porto” or because you dislike vintage port?
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  8. kes7u

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    Oct 18, 2017
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    No, no no!! Not at all! I was not trying to insult you. I was trying to make a joke about "vintage porn", at which I obviously failed!!!:oops:

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  9. SingleClutch

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    Apr 19, 2019
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    I’m dead

    Fly fast and take chances
  10. craze

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    Mar 5, 2021
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    Absolutely loved your story,
    Thank you
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  11. ssgharkness020147

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    Jun 12, 2006
    Cars, niche colognes, one nice house, high end but obscure casual clothing (aka well made) and tools for working on cars. Lately, I’ve been on a jag for equipment for the farm, I’m coming to realize that it’s procurement will be a marathon, not a race.
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  13. IloveGT

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    Oct 17, 2015
    love it.
  14. Newjoint

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    Jan 17, 2016
    375,homes,watches,food,av systems,travel,pets,spouse,family,books,electronics, fine clothing, parties, health, art,helping others,skydiving,extreme sports,motorcycles,money,power,jewelry,planes,boats,cars,Cars,CARS!
    It all sounds exhausting.
    One thing this past lost year for the world has taught me:
    It’s all about being happy and having the time to enjoy it.
    Gee... I just spent 10 minutes reading this thread and responding... 10 minutes lost forever... but I’m happy doing it. I guess I’ll make up for some of the lost time in my Ferrari

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  15. DIGMAN52

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    Philip C
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    Paul Chua
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