Sorry I disappeared! Ferraris are my therapy

Discussion in 'California (Southern)' started by Devia, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. Devia

    Devia Karting

    Mar 17, 2004
    Orange, CA
    Full Name:
    Julie Sczesny
    Hello, all! I very much enjoyed meeting you all, and even paid for a membership, feeling a kinship with you all.

    A few of you may have been aware that I wasn't feeling up to snuff, but have been making plans for my future ownership of a Ferrari, and other toys. I had a severe slip and fall accident last year, and was finishing up my therapy for it.

    But in July, all my hopes and dreams nearly ended. I started having rolling Migraine headaches, 3 - 5 per day, and stopped sleeping. I was having migraine auras before the headaches, and the one doctor I was seeing didn't know what to do, and sent me to an Orthopedic Surgeon.

    He examined me, as I asked him if maybe my shoulder needed surgery to be put back, and I was tired of hurting all the time. He was pretty confident that it was okay...but I had to come to grips with two very real problems, that could not be ignored.

    Suddenly I felt as if I was in a bad B movie. I was formally diagnosed with two Chronic diseases: Migraines AND Fibromyalgia (FM)...I had all the 18 tender points in the test for the latter. I needed to take care of myself, as either is nothing you can ignore. He also told me that I needed to give up sports cars, and stop driving.

    In denial, I asked him, why? He told me because it would hurt. I asked him, if any damage would happen to my muscles, he said no...just that when I reach my limit, I will need painkillers and rest.

    I told him that not driving was "The line thou shalt not cross!" That my therapy would revolve around my joy of driving sports cars, writing, and drawing, along with improving my overall health. I have to make sure my motor skills stay intact at all costs!

    I must have come across as someone insane, as I was at risk for a Migraineous stroke with how fast and hard the migraines were hitting me then. About two weeks later, after not sleeping for 3 weeks, and out of my mind with migraines, I called and asked him for an anti-inflammatory, because Alleve was eating my stomach up; I figured that might be the key, because the back of my neck would inflame and heat up first!

    Well, that worked! I started taking Celebrex and started sleeping again, which caused the migraines to drastically diminish.

    I'm doing pretty well now, taking one muscle relaxant at bed time, Celebrex in the morning, and Tylenol 3 to control the muscle pain during the day, when needed. Tylenol does pretty good, in general now, usually I take half a Tylenol 3, with a regular Tylenol, and some caffeine for my migraines. And when the migraines kick in, a new drug, Zomig (tryptophan family) does the trick! Better, at $30 a pill, lol.

    I do become tired easily, but feeling so much better. The good news, I am still driving, and able to enjoy it. Most people don't have FM diagnosed usually for years, and after many painful tests, but I was diagnosed within 2 weeks, with the only test proven for proper diagnosis.

    I am very much interested in participating in the drives, but mostly as a passenger, until my stamina improves. I am very much aware that I'm lucky, compared to most of the other FM patients in the world.

    Only major setback is that I am having to set my sights on a Ferrari until next summer. The joke will be that my Ferrari will be one of the few with a Handicap Placard (only used when I'm too tired to walk very far).

    As of now, Ferraris and Exotics are now officially part of my therapy. I thank you all for the warm reception I have had, and look forward to participating more with the S. Cali group, and online here.
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  3. Chiaro_Slag

    Chiaro_Slag F1 Veteran

    Oct 31, 2003
    Full Name:
    Sounds like you are going through a lot - Keep up the good attitude.

    Welcome back!
  4. SrfCity

    SrfCity F1 Veteran

    Nov 1, 2003
    Orange County, CA
    Jeez, that's a heavy load to have to deal with. I hope you get it sorted out. I get migraines myself and know what a PITA they are. It's usually because I haven't eaten right or under some sort of stress. My brother used to get them worse than me and recently I asked him when the last time he got one was? He said last time was when he was a teenager. Amazed I said why do you think they stopped? He looked at me and said he did a one and only(so he claims) LSD trip and he never had them after that. He said that apparently that headaches are what it was originally designed for. Anyway, hope you're on the mend :)
  5. Devia

    Devia Karting

    Mar 17, 2004
    Orange, CA
    Full Name:
    Julie Sczesny
    Thanks for the encouragement!

    Srfcity, I think I'm going to stay away from the LSD - my peripheral hallucinatory auras are quite enough, thank you!

    No, no, doesn't make me dangerous to drive - the stuff isn't real, just an indicator that I have a migraine preparing to pounce, lol. I think the sandbags piled in a circle around one of the drainage grates at the sid of the road being one of the sandworms from Beetlejuice was enough! Whenever I look straight on, I see what it really is.

    But the anti-inflammatory is enough to stop the majority of the migraines, including the auras.

    All they know is that it looks like the FM kicked it off, and both pretty much pounced me for awhile.

    Mostly now my migraines are just everything sound or bright light is amplified, but that's dealable.

    I will prevail, just need a few extra naps.
  6. Forzaholics Anonymous

    Forzaholics Anonymous Formula Junior

    Aug 23, 2004
    So Cal
    Full Name:
    Mike B
    I gotta second your attitude on the doc's reccommendations. I blew out my knee a few (like 14) years ago and the doc(s) said i'd be taking up needlepoint and giving up mountaineering, hiking, cycling & martial arts. I said **** 'em & after about two years of work, I was 6000 meters up in the Andes.

    Then my @$%^@#$ retinas started to rot. I had to give up martial arts for that one.

    Your forza therapy will be quite pleasant with the top down on an overcast June day inbetween rush hours along a wide-open 405.
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  8. Devia

    Devia Karting

    Mar 17, 2004
    Orange, CA
    Full Name:
    Julie Sczesny
    Mike, can't they replace retinas these days? I wish you the best on that!

    My strategy is that I must remain defiant in some ways, and driving brings me so much pleasure, I'm fighting for that.

    I also intend to get back to being physically fit, but I'm letting people know I have to take breaks!

    I wish to go sailboating, that is so much fun...though I think I might fall asleep from the waves, lol.

    Diving is another one of my favorite things, went down to 30' for an hour on my first dive, so I do wish to obtain my permit in that.

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