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Discussion in 'Chicago' started by norbert, Jun 1, 2017.

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    It is just music that I post from time to time on when there is nothing being posted...Sort of hoping it gives one faith that something will come up.....Some time with a bit of commentary also...(The monitor for the site doesn't appear to mind.)...Like this one of Tuba Skinny.. or this one of Brubeck who I have had the privilege to hear live in my live time more than once...

    Best Norbert
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    Or like this that I am posting just now.

    I had viewed the ending of this film several times on programs over the years without ever knowing its meaning...A friend of mine sent me the background and the film clip...It is very sad for me to view it...
    Loyce Edward Deen, an Aviation Machinist
    Mate 2nd Class, USNR, was a gunner on a TBM
    On November 5, 1944, Deen's squadron
    participated in a raid on Manila where his
    plane was hit multiple times by
    anti-aircraft fire while attacking a
    Japanese cruiser. Deen was killed. The
    Avenger's pilot, Lt.; Robert Cosgrove,
    managed to return to his carrier, the USS
    Essex. Both Deen and the plane had been shot
    up so badly that it was decided to leave him
    in the plane. It is the only time in U.S.
    Navy history (and probably U.S. military
    history) that an aviator was buried in his
    aircraft after being killed in action....

    Burial A Sea
    WWII US Navy burial at sea of Machinist Mate (Gunner) 2nd Class Loyce Deen on USS Essex with flyover at end of service .
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    Jun 22, 2003

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