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    As previously discussed, I have sent the following e-mail to the FOC regional organisers for Devon & Cornwall, Wessex and Cotswolds:

    Good Afternoon Gentlemen,

    A few members of the Ferrarichat forum based in the South West, recently met up to put faces to names and we thought it would be a good idea to have a venue for regular but informal meetings: an arrangement that doesn’t require any pre-planning by long-suffering organisers like yourselves, or forward commitment by attendees to come – people can just pitch up, for as long as they want, if they feel like it on the day.

    The place we met was the Haynes Motor Museum at Sparkford. We chose this because they already have a monthly “Breakfast Club”, so no prior planning was necessary, and the location was about the same distance from each of us (coming from various parts of the South West).

    It proved to be ideal - a venue with a motoring interest (but no obligation to incur the cost of going into the museum if you don’t what to), plenty of parking, and a café on site for coffee / breakfast. There was, however, one problem: there were an awful lot of attendees, so our Ferraris were rather lost among a throng of rather mundane cars, and the queue for coffee and bacon sandwiches was horrendous!

    After considering a number of options, we decided that the answer was to stick with the venue, for the reasons mentioned above, but to go with different dates, when (hopefully), there will be less other cars filling up the car park.

    We are, therefore, going to try the second Sunday of each month, aiming to arrive around or soon after 9.00 a.m. (when the café opens – half an hour before the museum itself, so the car park should be fairly empty), planning to be gone by around 11.00 a.m., so as not to interfere with our families’ various Sunday lunch and other plans (though of course there is no reason not so stay later if anyone wants to do so).

    The plan is initially to make this a gathering for Ferrari owners (though not just for FOC members), and, if it flies, then perhaps to open it up to other appropriate marques like Maserati and so forth.

    Date: Sunday 10th. June (and the first Sunday of the month thereafter)

    Time: 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

    Venue: Haynes International Motor Museum

    Location: Post code - BA22 7LH

    I should be grateful if you would kindly forward this email to your usual mailing list, in the hope that it may be of interest to members of each of the FOC regions in this part of the world. Thanks in advance. Thankyou.
    I'll also post in the Club Scuderia forum and the UK section of Ferrari Life. I did think of posting in the Ferrari section of Pistonheads, but that could encourage rather wider attendance than Ferrari owners, with attendant coffee queue issues - what do you think?
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    Well done. Let’s give it a go and see what happens! At worst I get an excuse to go in the museaum shop and look for more posters for the garage!!!!

    Agree re pistonheads, we don’t want a queue for coffee!!

    If we get some regulars numbers might be worth approaching the museum to see if they would give us our own little bit of a car park?

    June 10th in the diary.
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    Like the sound of this but perhaps we need a south east version too. Any takers?

    Brooklands? Seems like the wrong era.
    Goodwood? Their breakfast club used to be really good, lately way too popular.

    Any other ideas for a meeting point?
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    Just a reminder. Hoping to see you and your Ferrari at Haynes on Sunday morning. Cafe is open for tea / coffee from 9.00, food from 9.30.
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    I won't be able to get there this Sunday but will be there next month ....

    Regards Michael

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    Sorry you won't be there Michael. I am afraid I shan't be there in July (on my way back from a visit to Maranello), but maybe we'll see each other in August - a couple of the guys from Carrs are threatening to turn up with some showroom stock, so it should be fun.
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