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(SPAIN) Anyone been here before?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Ricambi America, Feb 9, 2004.

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    WOW, I can tell you have a good economy!!! That is a very, very nice place, only for the very fortunate ones. Now I am emvious!!!

    I have not been in one of those houses, (well it will be more appropiate to call them small palace), but I know a bit of the area, my mother's family is from there and I used to visit them.

    It is a wonderful area, specialy when you are going, in spring, the best in mid May. The smell of country side and the running waters from the melting snow at that time is unfforgetable.

    And Granada and visiting la Alhambra is like entering a drem of the past.

    The only thing is that you wiull wish to have your car there too, the roads around ther are also just amazing for driving in a Ferrari!!!

    Have fun.

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