For Sale Spark Plug Connector for Ferrari 348

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    3 spark plug connectors available.

    Perfect condition, each connector in this listing has been multimeter-tested and yielded the expected value of 5 ohms. For all intents and purposes they are as good as new.

    These connectors were part of an ignition lead set made by OKP (Germany). OKP leads are recognized as being made using very high standards and are currently available for sale only as complete sets of eight at a price well in excess of $800.

    Buy individual spark plug connectors here at a fraction of that price, should your needs fall short of the entire set of 8 leads. If your search has brought you to this listing you probably already know how rarely individual items like this are found.

    Note: if you also need replacement plug wires to go with these items, please refer to my other listing: Spark Plug Wires for Ferrari 348 TS/GTS TB/GTB

    $75/each with free domestic shipping (USA). Please PM for pricing inclusive of international shipping.

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