430 Spider top doesn't like the heat

Discussion in '360/430' started by cpep, Jul 14, 2019.

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    So I took the car out for a ride and it was pretty hot out (high 80's) and on the way back I had to stop for the wife to pick up dog food so I idled outside for a bit. Drove back to the house about a mile away and tried to put the top up before going into the garage. The top wanted nothing to do with it. The compartment opened but the top wouldn't move. So I pulled it in and popped the engine cover like I always do. Let it cool for about an hour and tried again. Top worked fine and closed no problem. I read that over 95deg c the pump had problems according to Ferrari so i guess I was over that threshold. First time this happened so hopefully it isn't an issue but does anyone think I should be looking for something that may be on it's way out?
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    Whenever mine doesn't move I turn the car off and back on and it goes. I think sometimes the computers get confused and need to be reset.
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    If it's been awhile, changing out the hydraulic fluid and purging the system will help.
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    I would.
    Here was my scenario yesterday. Driving with the wife and with the top down along a highway (QEW) in beautiful sunshine, I saw the black cloud ahead and after about 5 mins I realized that the cars ahead were slowing down because they had reached a wall of rain. I immediately pulled over to close the top. It was 90% closed before the rain got to me so only a few sprinkles got in. If I had your issue with my top we would have been soaked.

    First try these easy steps to aid the pump:

    (1) What is the condition of your fluid? If it is black purge it out with new fluid from MBZ. Takes 1/2 hr. Do it 2 times. (A DIY with beautiful pics can be found here on Fchat).

    (2) Make sure the fluid level is above the bulls eye

    (3) Also operate the top in increments to expose all the linkages and pistons. Spray a liquid penetrant (like WD40) to loosen things up. Let it soak. Operate the top a few times and repeat but this time apply a white lithium grease to the linkages and pistons.

    Good luck.
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