Spotted a red 355 GTB

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by tifosi12, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. tifosi12

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    Oct 3, 2002
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    Driving on the inner Lake Shore Drive. Just past my house. I felt like running after the car, but he was gone so fast. IL plates. Anybody from here?
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  3. RocketBoy

    RocketBoy Formula 3

    Feb 13, 2004
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    Professor Hajji
    Saturday just before noon in Wheeling, saw a red 308/328 on Camp McDonald Road pulling out of someone's house. Looked like a Ferrari I saw at the Go-karting event. Is this anyone we know?

    Both Saturday and Sunday, kept getting challenged in Vettes while cruising around in the 575. Never would bother to race in congested traffic filled with minivans and mothers with infants in the back. However this one blue Vette on Roselle road just before the I90 entrance was being very forward. Kind of glad as he gunned his car forward staring at me he almost hit a truck. In his last second avoid move wound up in a turning lane he obviously didn't want to be in, ( unless he really wanted to go to a dirt road industrial landfill.) I expect this from rice rockets, but good old American power? He shames all of Frank's wonderful drives. However, the driver looekd to be about my age, in his late 20s. Guess he is as stupid as me.

    Thursday, after one more annoying doc appointment for my feet and shoulders, was driving back to work with my father when "Mr. Perfect" tried challenging us. Blue M3, with the license that read Mr. Perfect did about the same thing as his Dinan powered M3 wanted to challenge my father's E55. Kind of glad my Dad didn't notice and that no one bothered to let him merge left on the Edens/I90 split heading north. Last I saw him, despite his reckless lane changing and engine gunning, was about 7 cars back trying to convince two semi trucks to let him merge. We won: going the speed limit, sticking to our lane, not acting like a jerk.

    Andreas, congrats on getting your car back by the way.

  4. FerrariFrank1

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    Aug 15, 2003
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    You know what,Rocketboy? I really admire the way you handled those situations. I know how hard it is to resist...and decline to race,even,in your case,if you know that you can probably Blow the Guy away..(harder to do in a 23 year old car,with 23 year old Technology,Speed,and Horsepower...can be :( sometimes...but,mostly is :) :) :) )

    I got all of that out of my System when I was a teen,and in my Early 20's,with American Muscle Cars,and Corvettes....And....Luckily...LUCKILY...I never hurt anyone else,or got ticketed for Drag Racing...(STUPID SH*T!!!) My Insurance rates are VERY attractive right of the few "Perks" of Getting Older,I guess!:) But,well worth it. (Plus,why "Beat" on a Nice car...Ferrari Parts are much more Expensive to replace,and cannot be purchased at the Local "Pep Boys"....)

    I most certainly will not put other peoples lives in Danger over an inflated,(geez,can I say it...?) EGO!!!!!! (NOT MINE...thats for sure!!!!:) ) HeeHeeHee!!!!!!!! Nor,will I jeopradize MY Driving priveleges,and/or LOW Insurance rates,to satisfy the (overinflated)...."E.G.O." of some schmuck,who thinks that he's got to try and Prove something.... I don't!! My car has a Little Yellow Cavallino Badge on the nose,and Horn Button,and A Chrome one
    on the Back....:)

    No,exhibit far more Class by Ignoring the putz!!! :) You have nothing to are driving a Ferrari!

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