348 Steering Rack Removal

Discussion in '348/355' started by QSA, Jun 6, 2020.

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    Couple of things that make this doable/easier:
    - remove the rubber grommet around the steering shaft.
    - remove the fasteners for the sway bar bushing clamps.

    Fought this thing for a while then stepped back, removed those couple of things, then it came right out. Thought about celebrating with some Whistlepig 12 from the back of the cabinet, but those two items should be a no-brainer. Went for the rye anyway, but it’s gone! Had to settle for less.

    Hope this helps the next person.

    It’s going off to Adco for a rebuild and new tie rods from Maseratisource.

    Did anyone ever find a source for new mounting bushings?

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    I got tie rods ends and upper and lower ball joints from Maseratisource also but AW Italian has them also check there.

    When you say bushing do you mean the steering rack bushings? I have 8 new ones actually on a shelf for next time but I think m.stojanovic was able to source some alternatives there is a post out there with the dimensions I measured as well. ( I re-used my old ones before I found new Ferrari ones at an absurdly cheap price from a vendor)

    BTW the are will be amazing after the rack and rebuild, doubly so igf you do ball joints etc, but you'll need an alignment, I did all 4 wheels after mine.
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