Sticky Gooey Buttons Vents - How to Fix Cheap and Simple Video

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by spiderscott, Feb 26, 2019.

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    Hey Guys

    Ive just put this video together to show you a simple and cheap way to fix (some) of the interval Sticky parts (switches, buttons, dash, vents etc) that many of our Ferrari models suffer with.

    Hope it helps.

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  2. Dave rocks

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    Dave Lelonek
    When taking apart the lever switches, there is no need to remove the lever itself from the switch body unless you will be painting the lever. It's important to know, the switch covers are not all the same, nor are the switch levers and of course the switches themselves (body with electronics are different too).

    It's true that in most cases the icon can be cleaned off, but in some cases the icon has been damaged or scratch and those need a proper refinish with laser etched graphics.

    Here is an example of icons that have seen better days and we are fully refinishing them.

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    I don’t have any sticky switches on my 328 but I did have a gooey, sticky button on the steering wheel of my 2008 S-class Benz.

    Because I didn’t want to mess around with removing the steering wheel, I tried a little experiment: I sprayed some Rain-X De-icer (the kind that comes in an orange spray bottle) onto the switch. [This de-icer contains some pretty powerful solvents and is also great for removing that cloudy film that sometimes accumulates on the inside of the windshield and backlight].

    After a minute or so I wiped the sticky switch with a paper towel. Lo and behold! The sticky goo came right off and never returned!

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  4. Motorama

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    Stijn Van Loffelt
    Nail paint remover . Comes off very easily without damage..
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