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    Someone on a test drive in Germany stole a 288 GTO from its owner when they switched seats !! Car is no where to be found. That takes a lot of balls let me tell you. Im sure it was driven on to a low boy type of enclosed tractor trailer. Im not sure what the thief thinks of doing with this car ? I feel for the owner. I wonder if it could be doctored up and sent over seas, maybe to the USA ? I guess you would need to get a hold of a salvage title and then try to get things to match up, I know , Im just playing devils advocate here .Most police in the world would not know the difference from a 308 / 328 to a 288 GTO . So I would imagine any of those salvages title would work. What are your thoughts gentlemen ?
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    it is very difficult to fence these cars in the oecd.
    my guess is it was stolen to order for some wealthy person in a non-oecd country like saudi, the emirates, russia, nigeria etc.

    my bbi was stolen to order about 10 years ago, and it was for an african country (retrieved)

    my 348ts was stolen twice (by some very stupid people who unfortunately did not succeed in actually keeping it stolen !)

    my f40 is one of the cheapest cars to insure even at $1 mil +, because they are super hard to hide.
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    At least two of the other threads about this have already confirmed it has been found locally
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    Mar 26, 2011
    The german press reports that the car has been found by the police, a few hours after having been stolen, in a garage in the South suburb of Düsseldorf, in the place named Grevenbroich; for the sake of protecting its enquiry, this is all the information that the Police will provide, nothing more.

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    Mar 26, 2011
    Well Gents, I thought I could post a more complete story in this section too, so I am duplicating here what I wrote in the "288 section", adding a link for one of the german source...

    For the german speaking/reading F-Chatters, there is some information available on the net. Not much, but, to sum it up...

    The car was stolen on Monday, May 13th during a test drive at about lunch hour; after tanking at a petrol station, the driver (appointed by the seller) who was driving up to the tanking stop, switched seats with the prospective buyer (passenger until that point); about half an hour later, at about 14:15 locally, the prospective buyer (driving) said he wanted to switch seats back to be passsenger again. He stopped the car, the representative of the seller (now passenger) climbed out to change seats and take the wheel again, whereas "the prospective buyer" slammed the passenger door from the inside and took off on the nearest highway, direction South of Düsseldorf.
    The Police found the car again at the end of yesterday's (= Tuesday, May 14th) afternoon, in a suburb part of Düsseldorf called Grevenbroich; the car was inside a garage, according to what the german press reports from the police this morning. For the sake of protecting the enquiry, this is all the information that the police will provide.
    So the car is found and safe indeed.

    According to what the german press reported yesterday, the seller said that the prospective buyer was very knowledgeable about the 288 GTO, had been exchanging with the seller through E-Mails for about ten days, asking numerous questions, but couldn't find a slot in his schedule to visit the seller for seeing the car until Monday, May 13th. They agreed on a visit, and the seller said that they had a "good feeling" about the man and no reason to be wary; he asked many questions, mainly about how and by whom the car would be delivered to him. According to the german press, and depending on the newspaper you read, the guy spoke German, but either with a spanish accent, or with a french North-African accent, or with a North-African accent...

    That's about all we know.

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    My first thought was insurance fraud. But after reading that last above post, it makes sense, but ALSO, why is someone allowing a multi million dollar car to just be driven like that with no escrow or seemed background done?
  7. nerofer

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    Mar 26, 2011
    Exactly my thoughts; we are not speaking about a FIAT "Nuova 500" here...furthermore, if, as the press reports, they have been exchanging E-Mels for ten days before the test drive, the seller would have had enough time to conduct a thorough "due diligence" about the potential buyer's identity and ability to pay the asked price of about 2.5 million euros. Sounds slightly unprofessional to me (but I don't know the details); a bit calling for disaster...

  8. 635CSI

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    A 250 GTE was stolen in Germany a few years back from close to the Oldtimer GP. Sadly, as far as i know, that car never turned up.
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    I'd kill thieves for free if I could get away with it. F*cking C*nts.
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    I mentioned on the 288 thread, perhaps police should search...IN A VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!!!
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    Sid Korshak
    Thief looks like he’s taking a strenuous dump in that pic..... weirdo. I’m afraid if I had a 288 and some dipstick wanted to drive it, he’d have to pay for it first before I considered it, and on the test drive, I’d be certain to have a weapon on me, and remove the keys at any time I was likely to be leaving the car, it’s common sense.
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    I think this is hilarious. Test drive, sales guy falls for the oldest trick in the book, standing on the side of the road with his pants around his ankles, hair messed up,oil slicked face, ha!

    Nice they found the car, but there is some comedy to the to heist.
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  14. nerofer

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    Mar 26, 2011
    A few more snippets of information this morning, but nothing "material" really...

    The car was found on Tuesday at 17:45 (so, about 30 hours after having been stolen) thanks to a witness who identified it and called the Police; it was inside a closed garage, which lies about 25 kilomètres (or fifteen miles if you prefer...) from the place where the car was stolen. As can be expected (I told you "Nothing material...")...the Police is now trying to identify who had access to this garage, and collect fingerprints the car to identify the thief, whose identity remains unknown to this day.


    For our F-Chatters friends who wants to practice their German:
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    Lucas Rosales
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