Story of 250 GT Cabriolet s/n 0799 update

Discussion in 'Vintage (thru 365 GTC4)' started by mariafaga, Nov 24, 2016.

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  1. mariafaga

    mariafaga Rookie

    Jun 30, 2013
    Let me share some more and new documents about the import of Ferrari 0799GT in the US in December 1993.

    As already discussed earlier, Mr. Onofrio “Frank” Triarsi (Classic Coach Repair Inc., NJ, USA) imported Ferrari 0799GT in 1993. He “bought” the car directly from the thief Gianni Meninno as Mr. Triarsi admitted in post #80 of the old chat. He received the car (together with two other stolen Ferraris) without any paperwork and with no titles!

    The cars were shipped from Europe (Antwerp) to the US by Doron Sauer, C&K Auto Imports Inc., NJ, USA. When Doron Sauer received the stolen Ferraris without the proper paperwork, he realized the criminal background. Mr. Sauer became nervous and informed the police about the suspicious cars.

    Read Mr. Sauer’s deposition in the lawsuit Hallingby vs. Roush & Barnes right here:

    Mr. Sauer’s letter to the police and its analysis by the police can be downloaded right here:

    Mr. Triarsi’s deposition can be downloaded here. This deposition proves that Mr. Triarsi is making business with criminals. Mr. Triarsi is a friend of Mr. Hallingby. Both knew very well about the theft of the car.
  2. claudinedubois

    Jul 1, 2013
    If someone buys such an exclusive car he checks its history carefully. It would be interesting to know, if Mr. Hallingby and Mr. Triarsi checked the history of 0799GT and how they did that…
  3. Jeff Kennedy

    Jeff Kennedy F1 Rookie
    Rossa Subscribed Owner

    Oct 16, 2007
    Edwardsville, IL
    Full Name:
    Jeff Kennedy
    Read the actual depositions (this thread and the other one). Some answers may start to form.
  4. mariafaga

    mariafaga Rookie

    Jun 30, 2013
    Mr. Triarsi did not check the history of 0799GT as his deposition proves. He does not care about the history of 0799GT at all, otherwise he would have asked Gianni Meninno (the thief) to provide titles and other (Swiss) ownership papers (an undertaking which might be a little bit difficult for a thief….).

    Mr. Hallingby claims having checked the history of 0799GT through the aid of FBI agent Ken Crook. But this is not true. It’s a lie. On 29 October 2009 Mr. Hallingby stated in an affidavit (paragraph 6) following:

    “To insure that I would acquire good title, Mr. Rosen and I enlisted the aid of FBI agent Ken Crook who specializes in checking the title of rare automobiles and locating those that truly have been stolen. I kept abreast of Mr. Crook’s investigation. He conducted numerous interviews, reviewed documents and engaged in a meticulous check of the Ferrari’s provenance. After his research, Mr. Crook advised Mr. Rosen and me that Mr. Rosen had good title to the Ferrari.”

    For all those people who still think that Mr. Hallingby is an honest person who “accidentally” bought a stolen car, here is the definitive evidence of his manipulations and lack of credibility:

    Attorney Oliver Weber, who is representing the victim and the real owner (Dr. Andreas Gerber from Pieterlen, Switzerland) checked Mr. Hallingby’s statement and contacted FBI agent Ken Crook who is retired now.

    Mr. Crook writes in his response to Attorney Weber from 10 March 2010, that he does NOT KNOW Mr. Hallingby and Mr. Rosen at all!!

    He further states:

    “One thing I can tell you for certain is that I never told anyone that this or any other European vehicle was stolen or not stolen. All we could report is what had been reported to us. The FBI is simply not in a position to certify the theft status of vehicles stolen in Europe. We relied on Interpol and the appropriate European Law Enforcement agency to provide that information.”

    Conclusion: Mr. Hallingby lied in his affidavit, which is also a crime (perjury)! Read Mr. Hallingby’s manipulated affidavit and Mr. Crook’s email. Judge by yourself about Mr. Hallingby’s credibility.

    Download Mr. Hallingby’s affidavit here:

    Download Mr. Ken Crook’s email here:
  5. claudinedubois

    Jul 1, 2013
    Thank you for these very interesting documents. But I have some more questions:
    What is happening with 0799 today? Where is it?
    And: Does Mr. Hallingby have other questionable cars or is 0799 the only one?
  6. mariafaga

    mariafaga Rookie

    Jun 30, 2013
    Mr. Hallingby tried to sell 0799GT through his dodgy friend Tom Papadopoulos from Autosport Designs Inc. in NY, USA. Mr. Papadopoulos knows the problematic history of 0799GT in detail. Nevertheless he tried to sell 0799GT to German car dealers. Of course the deal crashed when the Germans found out that the car is stolen.

    Mr. Hallingby was in the possession of a REBUILD Ferrari 250 LM s/n 6045 (and not of the original car as he claims). In the Sports Car Market magazine (February 2009) Mr. Hallingby wrote a segment about his “1964 Ferrari 250LM with VIN6045”. He claims that the car was set on fire by a police flare (I'm from the government and I'm here to help you!). Mr. Hallingby writes that some years later, Richard Freshman found "most of the salvageable parts and began reconstruction".

    All this is nonsense. Mr. Hallingby’s Ferrari 250 LM was not real and of course he knew about that. Not even the chassis was original (read paragraph #50 and 51 of the application for arrest warrant for more details). Mr. Hallingby sold his Ferrari 250LM to DK Engineering (England) in 2011.

    Download Mr. Hallingby’s untrue article in Sports Car Market magazine here:

    Download the arrest warrant application regarding Paul Hallingby here:
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  8. Terra

    Terra Formula 3
    Rossa Subscribed

    Feb 16, 2004
    That's not quite true. The car was sold by Hallingby to Theo "Toby" Bean, via Nick Soprano's Motor Classic and Competition Corp. Bean then sold it on to DK Engineering sometime thereafter.
  9. Jakuzzi

    Jakuzzi Formula Junior

    Mar 26, 2005
    PR, TX, GV
    Full Name:
  10. mariafaga

    mariafaga Rookie

    Jun 30, 2013
    I have received further documents that I would like to share with you.

    As Connecticut State Police found out, Paul Barney Hallingby (from Sharon CT / and New York NJ) knew for a long time that the Ferrari 0799GT is a stolen vehicle owned by a Swiss man.

    The police officer in charge of the investigation was Richard Van Time. His statements on the criminal behaviour of Paul Barney Hallingby can be downloaded from the following link:

    I found out that the old link with the statements of Nick Soparano (Hallingby's questionable friend) no longer works. The statements and contradictions of Nick Soprano regarding Ferrari 0799GT can be downloaded from the following link again:
  11. mariafaga

    mariafaga Rookie

    Jun 30, 2013
    This manipulative article was already discussed in the old chat. It's nothing new. It was part of Mr. Hallingby's PR campaign at that time to cover up his problematic activities in the Ferrari community.

    Contrary to the SCM magazine Connecticut State Police is neutral and objective. The depositions of officer Richard Van Tine show how thoroughly Connecticut State Police investigated the case of the stolen Ferrari 0799GT.

    And let's keep in mind the conclusion of Connecticut State Police in the arrest warrant application against Paul Barney Hallingby, which was:

    Based on the aforementioned facts and circumstances, and the Affiant’s training and experience, Probable Cause exists to believe that Paul “Barney” Hallingby DOB: 11-11-46 possessed the 1958 Ferrari bearing VIN 0799GT on September 4th, 2008 and that he knew the vehicle was stolen. The vehicle was located in his undocumented garage at his residence located at 32 Kings Hill Road in Sharon, CT. The Affiant respectfully requests the authority to arrest Paul “Barney” Hallingby DOB: 11-11-46 for the crime of Larceny I (C.G.S. 53a-122)

    see paragraph 85 of the arrest warrant application:
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  13. mariafaga

    mariafaga Rookie

    Jun 30, 2013
    For all who want to know more about the history of the Ferraris 0799GT, the following website offers a lot of interesting information:
    The special thing about this website is that all historical facts are documented with numerous papers and photographs. It should also be clear for once and for all that Paul Barney Hallingby possesses a stolen vehicle, of which he is aware.
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  14. 19633500GT

    19633500GT F1 Rookie
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    Nov 9, 2010
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    Ken S
    Sharon is right up the road.

    Want me to swing by ? ;)
  15. sixcarbs

    sixcarbs F1 Rookie
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    Dec 19, 2004
    Holy smokes! This guy Hallingby still has the car?? What happened with his arrest?
  16. mariafaga

    mariafaga Rookie

    Jun 30, 2013
    Mr. Paul "Barney" Hallingby obtained a judgement from the Connecticut District Court in April 2018. According to this judgement he is allegedly the owner of the car. This judgement is a farce and was made in violation of international law which is why Dr. Andreas Gerber (the Swiss victim and owner of Ferrari 0799GT) did not engage in this procedure. The judgment of the Connecticut District Court does not have any serious legal effect and will not have any impact on the theft-status of the car outside of Connecticut.

    Ferrari 0799GT is on the active list of Interpol and is internationally sought for. Despite the international search of the car, Paul Hallingby is trying to sell Ferrari 0799GT via his friends Tom Papadopoulos (Autosport Designs Inc.) and Nick Soprano (Motor Classic & Competition Corp). By assisting Paul Hallingby in selling the car, they commit the crime of larceny.
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  17. Christian.Fr

    Christian.Fr F1 World Champ
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    Jun 9, 2005
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    I always wonder why Ferrari Fchat do not propose a open and active list of all car stollen. Mods?

    Your historic is very miticulous, exhaustive and very well documented.

    As far as I know, Marbella is the wrong place in Spain.

    Ferrari can be real nightmare for some people.
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