Stupid Question for the Week (only for NW'ers)

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by Slomo, Dec 5, 2003.

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    Jan 4, 2004
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    Kent R. DeAvilla

    Are you still in the Market for a Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet? I have an 87' with new engine(crankshaft & pistons, everything new ).New paint(red/tan), tubi exhaust, hyperflow cat, plus many more. I have all Ferrari Dealer Service receipts. E-mail or call if interested. 360-914-7550 Kent, I am considering buying anather Ferrari, preferably a TR or 348.
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    John Michael Gross
    I do more yearly in my T Cab...they love being driven and it appears as though the niggling stuff went away with time. I am VERY proactive about repairs...that probably helps as well.

    The interface between the top of the A pillar and the roof was apparantly designed by a friend of mine that flunked out of school with a 0.00 GPA from partying too much. There is no way this thing would work as designed. That being said, I have modified a bit of weatherstripping for winter use and I have no (I repeat) no leaks in the top. I also treat the top once per year with BMWs top treatment that produces a nice beading of water on the roof with use. Good for daily use, not sure it would block water in a constant downpour situation. Also remember, the electronics on these cars were designed by the same guy that did the A pillar treatment, condensation would surely cause you fits. (Again, my baby has never left me stranded but I park inside.)

    Find an inspection place there that other recommend and then fly out before writing a check.

    The biggest issue that I have found is that the rear engine cover likes to let water collect around the plugs. A cover would probably prevent this when it is sitting but it is still an issue when you run to Home Depot and the like. I blow it out with compressed air when I get home but this is probalby the biggest area of discontent and one that you would certainly face on a more regular basis than me since it would sit outside.

    That all being said, be prepared to take a complete bath on resale if it is sitting out. The paint will probably not like the weather, and with days like those we have just had outside, the ice would do you no favors either.

    - JMG
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    Kie Robertson
    Originally Posted by Slomo
    4. Here is the kicker. I live in an older house in Bellevue WITHOUT A GARAGE! Theft is really not an issue in my neighborhood, I live on a dead-end street, and I have convinced myself that a good quality weatherproof cover would be OK, and I will be driving it often to warm it up and dry off...Yeah, well.

    How about just buy a ratty one with decent mechanicals to begin with? A Mondial 'cab with questionable cosmetics ought to be just about free. Imagine the time you would have on your hands if you were to go on a group drive with the rest of us when we stop and discuss our new rock chips and the best methods for repair.

    Or, forget actually owning one.... just get "Weird Science" on DVD and watch it anytime you feel the itch.

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