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Summary UK 328's for sale - comments / advice

Discussion in '308/328' started by DEI, Mar 27, 2004.

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  1. DEI

    DEI Karting

    Mar 21, 2004
    Full Name:
    Dave I
    My first post!

    I am in the process of buying a 328 and I was wondering what people had to say about the following cars which are currently available in the UK (see below)

    I also have the following specific questions:

    1) What is the value pre-ABS vs. ABS model 328's - i.e. is there any difference in their value and why?
    2) What milage should be targeted - I will drive the car on weekends and want a low milage car for its condition, but not one that has had too little use where pipes, seals, etc have hardened / perished.
    3) How can I tell if a 328 has been in an accident
    4) What are average UK-based running costs likely to be assuming nothing goes wrong (insurance, maintenance, etc.)

    All comments and advice very much appreciated - Thanks

    Model Year Milage Price Colour Options History Seller
    Pre-ABS 1986 40000 £ 27k Red Air Con yes Private
    Pre-ABS 1987 48000 £ 28K Red none yes Private
    Pre-ABS 1986 50000 £ 28K Red ? ? Trade
    ABS 1989? 46000 £ 28K Red none yes Trade
    Pre-ABS 1986 53000 £ 28k Red Air Con ? Trade
    Pre-ABS 1987 52000 £ 29k Red Air Con FFSH Trade
    Pre-ABS 1988 41000 £ 29k Black ? ? Trade
    ABS 1989 31000 £ 30k Ch. Blue Air Con yes Trade
    Pre-ABS 1988 33000 £ 30k Red Air Con yes Private
    ABS 1989 59000 £ 30k Red Air Con yes Trade
    Pre-ABS 1986 46000 £ 30k Red ? ? Trade
    Pre-ABS 1988 28500 £ 31k Red Air Con yes Trade
    ABS 1988 29000 £ 31k Red ? ?
    Pre-ABS 1988 18000? £ 32k Red none Poor Trade
    ABS 1989 12000 £ 32k Red ? yes Trade
    Pre-ABS 1988 25900 £ 35k Black Air Con yes Trade
    Pre-ABS 1988 21000 £ 35k Red ? yes Trade
    Pre-ABS 1988 29300 £ 35k Silver Air Con ? Trade
    Pre-ABS 1987 35000 £ 35k Red Air Con yes Trade
    Pre-ABS 1987 40000 £ 35k Red none ? Trade
    ABS 1989 6900 £ 35k Red none ? Trade
    ABS 1988 22000 £ 35k Red Air Con ? Trade
    ABS 1989 25000 £ 35k Red ? ? Trade
    ABS 1989 27000 £ 36 k Red ? yes Trade
    Pre-ABS 1988 28000 £ 36 k Red Air Con yes Trade
    Pre-ABS 1987 36000 £ 36k Red Air Con yes Trade
    Pre-ABS 1988 14500 £ 38k Red Air Con yes Trade
    ABS 1989 21000 £ 38k Red Air Con ? Trade
  2. murph7355

    murph7355 Formula 3

    Nov 30, 2002
    SE England Yorkie
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    I can't answer some of your questions directly, but I was surprised to see so many for sale! And I know of a couple more at least based on them not showing up in your pricing list (Maranellos have one at 43k and Graypauls have one at 52k [which has done 78 miles!]).

    People with much more knowledge of the 328 will give you more definitives, but as a starter for 10:

    1) Typically with these cars (and all cars), the later in the model cycle you go, the more improvements that were made. So later cars get ABS and no doubt other tweaks that "enhanced" the experience. Do you want an ABS equipped car? Do you have the budget for one that is ABS equipped? Etc.

    2) Low mileage does not indicate condition, as you note. If you're not going to rack too many miles up yourself, then you don't need to worry about mileage so much, as after you're ready to sell, it'll still have low mileage even if it started relatively higher. Unless you're only buying it for 6mths etc.

    Condition is key and one good indicator for this is the service history. If you have a car that has every last receipt, you can tell what it's been like to run. If you have one with patchy or no history, you can't. A fastidious hoarding of receipts often means that someone has cherished the car, and I generally regard it as a good sign.

    That said, average mileage on Ferraris seems to be iro 2-4k per year. So on an 89, you're looking at up to 60k. BUT, this means nothing without history. It could have done 60k in its first 5yrs and barely moved since. Or it could have barely moved until last year and had 60k put on in it since.

    With cars of this age, you need to check how it's been used carefully, and the service history will again play a good part in this.

    3) Usual things for any car. Get a check to see if it was written off. Check the car for things like overspray, odd panel gaps etc. And ask the dealer if they know of anything.

    As with condition etc, don't buy any car without getting it checked out by a specialist (Verdi in the UK are well regarded, as are a number of other places). A hundred quid or two here could save you large amounts later.

    4) General rule of thumb for all "high maintenance" sports cars seems to be to allow 2k-ish per year, probably excluding insurance (which is so dependent on personal circumstances that it's hard to say).

    Again, the specialists are very reasonable for servicing etc these days. For example, you can get a clutch fitted, incl VAT for a 355 for 500 quid. Normal services for 650-800 and cambelt services for not much more than 1200 or so (maybe less). Many are doing "menu" servicing, so you know what it will cost. 328s aren't going to cost much or any more than this.

    As for insurance, at 33 I have an unlimited mileage policy on a 355 for 850 a year (915 with prot. NCB). Full NCB, SP30 etc etc.

    If you go online you can get yourself some vague ideas by getting online quotes and working from there (try, who are pretty much the best priced at present, though a 328 would probablu go on a classic policy too).

    Of those cars you note, I suggest you narrow it down some more:

    a) What colour do you want? Have a good think about it. It's your (presumably 1st) Ferrari you're buying, not a Volvo etc. What would be your ideal colour combo?

    b) What's your budget (remember running costs too!)?

    c) Once you have a sensible list, go and see them and have a good look round them and take some test drives.

    When I was buying the 355, I knew I wanted a red car with a manual box. And it had to be a certain age to qualify for the warranty I wanted (note that I believe any car newer than 15yrs old qualifies for Formula warranty, which may be a factor for you as it rules out all bar about 6 of those noted). I wanted it to be from a dealer (they typically have a 3 month charter where if anything shags they'lll replace it regardless of the warranty the car has, and they'll hopefully have the better stock through experience and a desire to shift metal quickly) and my initial preference was for a black interior.

    Narrowing it down like this I had 4 cars to choose from! Had a look, and bought the best one.

    Good luck with the search.
  3. DEI

    DEI Karting

    Mar 21, 2004
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    Dave I
    Thanks for the detailed advice

    The plan is to spend up to £30k, and for that I'm hoping for a low milage (20k miles to 35k miles) GTS with a full service history. There are a few that match this criteria in the ads - but who knows what they are really like.

    I intend to keep the car indefinately. Although how many times have I said that - for almost every sports car from my Alfa Spider (Duetto), my MGA, my first Porsche 911, etc, etc! My last 3 cars were Porches (as is the current), but its always been a 308/328 I've wanted. I would like red (not very origional I know) with creme (or tan) seats and red carpets.

    I also perfer the dished wheels of the Pre-ABS models and seeing that they are cheaper (as I understand) an 100% origional, low milage, 2-3 owner 1987/8 should be right on the nail! Anyone know of one;)
  4. DEI

    DEI Karting

    Mar 21, 2004
    Full Name:
    Dave I
    Guys, any more advice?
  5. noony

    noony F1 Veteran

    Nov 25, 2003
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    Hello. Posting this in the UK section might get you a more specific response. I'll keep an eye out for one that fits your spec.
  6. flyingboa

    flyingboa Formula 3

    Nov 27, 2003
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    Just a couple of hings to add to what said before.


    This seems so basic but... it is not. It is very easy to forget this foundamental rule. It took me more than one year to find the rightone and it was really well spent time.

    Second: do not rule out LHD. I have been living in UK for 5 years now driving LHD cars without a problem. LHD are seriuosly cheaper here and usually well maintained.

    As for the rest... Good luck. You will soon drive one of the best cars ever built.



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