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    Hey Guys,

    Finally had some additional Ferraris show up at the Dunken Donuts this past Sunday. Rod showed up with his son in their black Mondial. I didn't get a chance to met whomever parked the 328 and it looked like a beautiful red 550 cruised thru the parking lot.

    We also had a 63 split window vette, a nice viper, a boxer, a brand new vette with the 50's vintage body work (it looked pretty cool) some nice Mustangs, 50's Chevies and various hot rods. I think alot of people were either at Ocean City (for hot rod weekend - that's a blast also. There will be another one after Labor day) or up at Hershey for some car events.

    Thanks to Rod for making the Trek from Virginia. Remember, if you are looking to waste a little gas on a Sunday morning, think about rolling out to Burtonsville (198 and 29) for some coffee, a donut or two, and a bunch of car people to converse with.
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