Swapping out 430, need opinions on whats next

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by cascade, Jun 18, 2017.

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    Sep 12, 2012
    Dear Chicagoans,

    I am posting specifically here because I feel that people who know this city will understand more. I have had my 430 now for four years and am very happy with the car. It looks the part, sounds amazing and is great to drive. Now, thats where I am getting hesitant to continue.

    Due to the lack of consistent weather, roads being nearly pure garbage in the city, and non-stop traffic, I am finding I use the car so infrequently and it always has to be a "special" event. An event thats just me going out on a drive, which I don't mind, but its getting tiresome. In my past, I have always DD'd to some degree my sports cars and am now just never driving around the 430 day to day.

    Its bright red and gets non-stop looks and stares, so taking it around town is tough without looking like a full on prick. Im hitting stop light to stop light and the F1 trans is not as nice and smooth as a PDK or any other dual clutch setup. The car has been rock solid mechanically with the proper upkeep and fixes that I have done, but I still worry that my city driving is not helping its mid 2000's build and reliability going on forward.

    So now I am thinking to get something more usable. Practical doesnt much matter, but usable. Something not discussed here enough to ensure your pride and joy isnt a garage queen. So far, I have narrowed down to getting a 911 Turbo S as a replacement. Sure, its not going to have as much flare, be as well appointed leather wise inside, but its AWD, fully thrashable & bullet proof reliable, and doesnt stand out much.

    I am worried that the turbo is a big step down and will feel too boring. I love my f430 and I took 2 years to find it, so its very hard to let go based on how well its taken care of. Im a big Porsche guy and track a 993 and we have other P cars in the family, so I will love a turbo, but again worry it will never deliver that huge smile the ferrari does (once a month in the good summer months).

    So the objective is to DD as well. Has anyone DD'd their 458 or FF? As well, I am looking at MP4-12c's. Im a younger guy, so I don't want to do something like a Bentley as it would just be age inappropriate.

    What do you guys think?
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    The problem with the 458 is not that you can't DD it -- you don't want to DD it. It gets too much attention and is too expensive for minor stuff. But it is dependable.

    It is more of a GT than the F430. The bumpy road button will smooth out average bumps because of the magnetic ride.

    I think the Mac is not dependable enough to be a good DD.

    To be honest the Cal T is probably the best DD from Ferrari. That's what its designed for. The FF as well but it's more expensive and depreciation can be extreme. The good news about the FF is that it does work in the snow so if you get stuck in an unexpected storm, you can still get home.

    I have not driven an FF but I have the F12. The motor is pretty incredible. The F12 might be a good choice as well but no FWD for rain or snow.
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    Andrew Menasce
    I feel like you would be happier with a 991 GTS manual (2016 or older). The Turbo are fast but they are just too clinical and much much more GT than a 430 or even a 458. Plus they are so quiet..

    Unless you want super quick acceleration, try a 991 GTS.

    The FF is amazing. It's GT but when you push it, it feels like a 458. I simply love driving my father's. It's very usable. The only drawback is if you have kids who need a baby seat, then it's a pain due to the 2 doors. Other than that, it's perfect. Sounds amazing. Has plenty of space unless you need to go furniture shopping..and it's reliable.
  4. Innovativethinker

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    Mark Jones
    I went with a 911, perfect car for what your needs are. The top drops in under 18 seconds while driving up to 25 mph. Sport mode is fun. Anyone can drive it and you get compliments without stalkers or haters and you can park it at the grocery store or mall.

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  5. JP365

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    John Fanning
    While Ferraris CAN be daily drivers, that's not what they're meant to be (at least not in Chicago). I'm a fourth generation Chicagoan and come from a car family. I made peace with having to have a year round driver to compliment my fun car long ago. If you really want an all in one car, I agree with the Porsche suggestions. On the other hand, if you really do enjoy the 430, then get a normal Chicago DD like a SUV and keep the 430 for fun. Do you want to own a Ferrari, or do you just like the idea of owning a Ferrari? This is not meant as an insult, but rather a question of what you truly want. I have a 365 gt 2+2, and it is a glorious PITA. If I'm lucky, I put 1500 miles on it in a summer. My clothes always smell like gas and oil after I drive it, it's hot, and HATES traffic. I could trade it for any number of cars, but why would I want to do that? When running correctly, it pulls like a freight train and helps me forget the universe. Rationally, I should get a Porsche, Audi, BMW, Corvette, etc, but why? I honestly do enjoy my car despite its faults. If you REALLY do like your 430, get a beater DD and make excuses to drive the 430 to Superdog, Hackney's on Harms, the military museum just over the border in Wisconsin, etc. Just my two cents.
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    I put 6k miles in a year on my 599 and felt it was a very comfortable car and put 200 miles a week on the 458.

    Second car as an option is a good one, may end up breaking even on insurance and can have something less expensive that can be used in the winters.

    FF is great but I wouldn't consider it a young persons car. Having said that you can find 14's still under warranty and service contracts for more than half off their original sticker.
  7. V8Fun

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    What you love about your F430 isn't going to be there in a non-Ferrari, or maybe even in a Cali or FF. I also have an F430 that I absolutely love. I've driven the Cali, and was very underwhelmed. The FF I liked a lot, but for totally different reasons.

    I drive my F430 almost 5k miles per year, and like you, this is in Chicagoland (I am out west in Naperville/Aurora area). I think the limit on how much you drive is more in the driver than the car. I enjoy the car so much, I just don't care if I'm driving solo. I take it to Wal-mart and Home Depot, just like my DD (I do park away from other cars). While I try to avoid rain, sometimes I get stuck in it, and it's not the end of the world. It takes a bit longer to clean afterward, but that's a labor of love. I do store it all winter to avoid the road salt. In the 7 years I have owned it, I have had pretty decent reliability. A few issues here and there, the biggest being a recent gearbox issue where the potentiamoter(sp?) had to be replaced, and a year ago in had some bearings replaced. Repairs were in the $2k-4k range each time, which is not something I like, but my wife hasn't made me sell the car yet so it's obviously not over-the-top bad (as might someday happen).

    My advice is to just drive the car and enjoy it. If you want to upgrade to a 458 because you like that car more, or you want the dual clutch for the smoother driving experience, go for it. But don't ditch a your F430 because it is too good at being exactly what's you love about it :)

    FWIW - my DD is a Subaru WRX. With winter tires it is unstoppable in the winter snow, and with summer tires it's still great fun to drive when the weather, or the required passenger count, or the destination, make it impractical to take the F430.
  8. jcoltrane

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    Jan 24, 2017
    Keep the 430 and get the 991 Turbo S for DD. My Black '14 TTS is noticed by no one, fits an infant seat in the back, and has 560hp on tap. I'm not sure there's a better DD on the planet. Drive it in the winter, too, just needs snow tires. The 991.2 TTS now has the front axle lift to make it even more usable around town.

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