Taillight Socket Tabs

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    Thought you might get a kick out of this....

    I am tired of the floppy electrical sockets on my taillights. One of the tabs just disintegrated on them over time and the lights won't stay in place properly. I drew a repair in CAD and printed them in carbon fiber/nylon material.

    They are super strong, fit like original and you can't see them when installed. They don't require any glue and can be installed by anyone. Considering making these and offering them for others. I made them with both tabs, in case you have a socket with no tabs at all.

    Simply trim down the broken/brittle plastic around your tab. Trim off one tab on my part if you are only going to use one and push until it is seated. Reinstall bulb and put back into tail light lens. I ran a test batch of 3 and installed all 3 right in my car! Love it, easy solutions and much more efficient than replacing all of the sockets.

    My car is a European model, maybe others have had similar experiences with these simply getting old and brittle? I thought maybe it was the heat from non-catalytic exhaust being so close to the plastic.

    Some pics may better explain my solution


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    Really nice. Two of mine are broke. They just get brittle.
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    Awesome work. Keeping tr’s in the road and helping value one innovation at a time.
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    Looks good--I know that at least one of mine is broken.
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    I have two broken and am a buyer if you decide to market these--brilliant!
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