Tall guys in F430s with Daytona seats?

Discussion in '360/430' started by ChimpanZed, Dec 20, 2020.

  1. ChimpanZed

    ChimpanZed Rookie

    Oct 11, 2015
    Hey all, Mr. Noob checking in again. I’ve searched but haven’t found an answer to a specific question I have.

    How well do you tall guys fit in F430s with Daytona seats? It seems like most F430s have the Daytonas, and those Daytonas look more La-Z-Boy and BarcaLounger than Recaro race seat. The height of the bottom cushion makes me wonder how well I’ll fit.

    I’m 6’4” and 220lbs with a 34” inseam. I’m a little more torso than leg which gives me headroom issues in many cars (Porsche 991.2 = bliss, Lotus Evora = nightmare). How well do you long torso guys fit in the F430 Berlinetta?

    Me in an Evora GT, a car that was specifically designed for tall people:

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  3. Skidkid

    Skidkid F1 Veteran
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    Aug 25, 2005
    Campbell, CA
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    John Zornes
    So it looks like you got about an inch in that car and that is about what I would expect. I am 6'6"; I have been in early Evora's but not new ones. They are snug and no room for a helmet but definitely manageable if you set them up well. Tall guys wear a sports car like a glove so forget having tons of room. First suggestion, learn to drive more Italian straight arm style; recline the seat more to get some headroom. You are balancing leg room and head room. Go with the sport seats and get manual seats (don't need room for the motor under there). I hate the 360 sport seats but the Scud and 458 sport seats are great. The 458 sport seats also buy you over 1" of headroom. In my 360 Spider, my hair touched the top (when it was up). The Modena has slightly more room than the Spider. With sport seats, it was comfortable but still no room for a helmet.
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  4. bball16

    bball16 F1 Rookie
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    Dec 2, 2011
    NY LI FtL
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    I’m 6’4 and had no problem when I had the 430 Spider.
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    NMNMNMN Karting
    Rossa Subscribed

    We have similar body type. I dislike the Daytona’s they are too tall. I would up removing the visor so I could see the signal lights better. My seat is currently jammed against the rear bulkhead. I am going with Tillet racing seats. The advice I saw here was to make sure you get side mount seats to get the seat low. Like you I have a long torso and the Daytona’s I like they are simply too tall. I can drive with them but I like my Porsches seating arrangement 1000 times more. Even thought of putting in modern Porsche seats. I just took delivery of a 992 and like the 991.2 perfect seating position is easy to find. Even on a vintage Porsche I can make it work. 430 not so much. I have spent over an hour trying to optimize it in my garage. And decided on the Tillets. I will post pics after I get them home and in the car.

    Try one first my advice is they seem way too high to me. I have powered Daytona’s.

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  6. RedTaxi

    RedTaxi Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Mar 1, 2012
    New Zealand
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    I'm 6'3" and fit fine in my 430 Daytonas. Prob 2" headroom. I'm more long legged but don't even have my seat right back. You need to find one and jump in.
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  8. Remco Brouwer

    Remco Brouwer Rookie

    Aug 20, 2020
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    Remco Brouwer
    I have powered Daytona seats too (f430 coupé) and with my 1.87m I just just fit without hitting the ceiling. I guess it all depends on things like length of your back and legs. The setup I have now works but is not ideal, in the ideal world I’d have my backrest up a bit from where it is now...

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    NMNMNMN Karting
    Rossa Subscribed

    Indeed I can make it work and I fidget about it when enjoying the car, I just don’t love it. I have some lower back issues that make it so crouching over in the cabin is not optimal. And the recline vs leg room is doable just not optimal as in my 911’s. Also a spider has lower interior height with top up and the windshield header is a bit shorter. Perhaps a coupe would suit me just fine. Cheers!

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  10. Skidkid

    Skidkid F1 Veteran
    Rossa Subscribed Owner

    Aug 25, 2005
    Campbell, CA
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    John Zornes
    There is at least 1" difference between coupe and Spider.
  11. drmc

    drmc Rookie
    Silver Subscribed

    Dec 12, 2013
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  13. Mighty Joe

    Mighty Joe Formula 3

    Sep 3, 2010
    Atlanta, GA
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    I am 6' 2" and 230lbs and had no problems in my F430 Spider with Daytona's....
  14. Hobacks427

    Hobacks427 Karting

    Nov 2, 2014
    North Jersey
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    One more piece of data: I'm 6'3" 235 lbs and longer in the body than legs. Me personally, I am happier in the 430 sport seats than I was when I tried Daytona seats (manual and give an era inch or so of head room over Daytona seats). I am a coupe owner for reference.
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  15. Eric C

    Eric C F1 Veteran

    Mar 20, 2009
    St. Louis, MO
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    I'm 6'2 - 305 lbs. I just lean my seat all the way back and hope for the best. I bought some Scud seats and those did give me a ton of headroom but I went back to Daytona's because Scud seats aren't meant for men with manly bodies.
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