Tech Verdict: How Ferrari Really Turned The Tables On Rivals (Piola)

Discussion in 'F1' started by Booker, Oct 10, 2019.

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    Dom T.
    Heard from a friend that Ferrari’s updates are part of next years aero package. If that’s the case we can expect more to come. And next years car should be strong out of the box.

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  3. SimCity3

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    Ferrari have adopted a similar MO that Ducati did in Moto GP a few years back, especially in straight line speed mode. While it may have closed the gap, Brackley F1 remains the dominant package. Has been since start of 2014 hybrid era
    Finally, some spice into F1 is always welcome
  4. johnireland

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Based on Japan we're back in the crapper.
  5. lorenzobandini

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    Counting on chickens before they hatch is never a good idea....
  6. Kiwi Nick

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    It never fails, every time there is news of a great new advance in design or performance, it is set against the notion that the competition is sitting still. They never are.
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  7. 375+

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    . . . with the exception of Williams. Not sure if they are sitting still or slowly sinking?
  8. lorenzobandini

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    Which "great new advance in design or performance" are we talking about? :(
  9. Mitch Alsup

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    Nov 4, 2003
  10. lorenzobandini

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    Both. They're apparently "sitting still" which is causing they're "slowly sinking". ;)

    'A shame......pushing 50 years.....things change..... :(
  11. Igor Ound

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    Igor Ound
    Tech Verdict: how Mercedes has brought sandbagging back from winter testing to the second half of the year before...
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  12. lorenzobandini

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    Just an opinion, however, if I understand that correctly (which I'm not sure I do), everyone at Ferrari's screw-ups indicate otherwise to me. 'Coulda, shoulda', and woulda' been much tighter championships duel without the blunders. Image Unavailable, Please Login
  13. LVP488

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    Jan 21, 2017
    The last race has shown that Ferrari has managed to be very fast on one lap (allowing them to secure the front row in qualifications) but they're destroying their tyres far faster (which results in a slower race pace).
    With some traffic preventing him to go for it in the very first laps with the new tyres, Leclerc could not even set the fastest lap after changing the tyres.
    Ferrari may be closer but the reality is that they're not (yet?) at Mercedes level, and they've certainly not overtaken them.
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  14. lorenzobandini

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    Agreed. I still don't believe Mercedes would "sandbag" away victories.... Or, is it that Ferrari was "sandbagging" away their "should have" wins, also?
  15. PerKr

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    Per Kristoffersson
    I wouldn't say Mercedes are sandbagging but they don't need to rush out any new designs either. Constructor's championship is in the bag and one of their drivers is going to take the WDC. If Bottas wins all 4 (if I didn't miscount?) remaining races, Hamilton needs to finish 5th or better on average. Leclerc could win all those races and Mercedes stay in the pits, they would still take the WDC. So no need to show their cards. That makes me wonder how detailed simulations get in F1 (and really automotive in general outside of the aerodynamics), is there anything they can't somewhat accurately predict that might come as a surprise in the pre-season testing? Or do those tests usually just end up being verifications of what the computers said?
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  16. schumacherf2006

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    We should of had a 1-2 but we crapped our pants at the start
  17. itschris

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    Ferrari’s biggest obstacle to overcome will always be Ferrari.

    Mercedes don’t need to push the envelope anymore and haven’t. They’ve known they had the championships locked up races ago. They will always do what they do... win by the smallest of margins and keep their cards close to the vest.
  18. DF1

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    Smart resource management............
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