For Sale Tenax fastener plastic button for targa roof storage

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    If you don't have the stock Tenax button -of the targa roof cover- with the black plastic button on the top, and you have only the metallic button, this part will help you to get the original look.

    I've designed a 3D printed plastic button to cover the Tenax fastener -15 mm head OD- of the targa roof cover.
    I've designed it as close as possible to the stock Tenax button cover.

    You only have to insert the Tenax in the button simply pushing it inside.

    If you want you can use some glue, but is not necessary.

    This button can be used on the Ferrari 208 Turbo, 308 -all-, 328, 348, 355, F40, F50 and Mondial.
    I'm using it in my 1983 308 Quattrovalvole.

    You can buy it directly in my 308 Bits Shop at Shapeways:

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