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    I have tried to contact Mr. Risi at FOH and I understand that there are some out there who update him on the goings on on Ferrari Chat.

    Our cover article in the upcoming Texas Driver has a story on the Prototype F 40 that you had some involvement in. I mentioned you by name and somehow in the process of computer spell checks and editing the name was changed from Risi to Ricci. also your first name is misspelled as well.

    I had been very careful to get it right but someplace in the passage from my system to the end product the mistake was made. I only discovered the mistake while sitting in the airport in LA on my way to Pebble Beach and it was too late as the printers had already run the pages.

    There is no excuse and it is my responsibility to make sure this didn't happen and for my missing this I apologize.

    I also managed to superimpose the year Enzo died which somehow went from 89-98 in the end copy.

    As I said there is no excuse for these errors and I will make sure they never happen again.

    Yours respectfully

    Jim Muise
    Texas Driver Magazine
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