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    Well , my 308 is VERY much alive and well now , thanks to local member Jfrazar. no matter what i did, i could not get my carb sync "just right" . in a few hours, jfrazar had the car absolutely SCREAMING!!!! Its like a whole new car. the "syncro' issue i have seems to be from the clutch height and shift linkage bieng out of whack. the car drives GREAT and purrs in traffic! i will get the other issues worked out this week, next its choice time:

    1) put Euro valance on and paint it Marrone like the rest of the car.

    2) put Euro valance on and paint the whole bottom of the car Boxer Black!!

    it was a pleasure to see the 2 ferrari's, 2 porsches, the truimph, and the Lotus turbo!!! folks let me tell you, the lotus turbo is WAY faster than a 308!!! ( i still love mine though !) the ride i got was a real pleasure. we both had long , busy weeks, i hope to get, jfrazar, Netviper, Richard and a few other Fchaters over for some fun soon! thanks for lunch, and all the help Joe!!! :)
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