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    Like the title says thank you Tony Fernandes (aka Tony Ferrari) the owner and master mechanic at Autohaus,in braintree ma , iv'e had my car back for awhile now and to be honest i feel a little guilty that i haven't written this sooner, i just wanted to say thanks Tony for doing such a great job on my 360 , and this was not your average tune up or annual service this was extensive work completed, my car had quite a few different issues going on when i brought it to him it was barely driveable , when he was done with the work i went to test drive it and omg,,,its like its not even the same car its crisp tight and responsive, i wish i knew Tony when i had my 355 F1 its refreshing dealing with him when you call the shop you talk to him the guy working on your car, even though i had my car there late summer early fall i was charged the lower winter labor rate which was much apreciated,! and one last thing talk about personal service,,,,I was out in my car on a drive when i thought i had an issue with the immobilizer and couldnt get it started, i was a little stressed out to be honest so i called tony he patiently walked me through the process to get the car started and if that wasnt enough before i got it started he offered to come help,,,, it was a friday at 4pm and im about an hour north of tonys shop,,,,,,,who does this ? i know im long winded here but feel it would be a disservice to you Tony if i didnt post this and say thank you for everything you did, i found my Ferrari mechanic J, Hughes
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    I've met Tony. Good guy. Certainly knows his ****. When my service contract is up, I will be bringing my 458 there.
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    Agree Tony is a great guy. Got my 430 running well after a fabspeed reflash messed up my ECU

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