The 15 New Models by 2022 - What We Know

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    Legit point, I did not know that. NYC, Chicago and other major US city centers are pretty hostile to anything nice. One of our members here has an old Chevy Suburban that is the only thing he'll drive in NYC and northern New Jersey because the roads are so bad.
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    I believe this is what he was referring to. It has all the bells and whistles too.
  3. Forza Scuderia

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    Jan 13, 2015
    Haha! Glad we needed to post a picture for hypothetical comprehension!

    What is a "tachometer?"
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    Bro , don’t laugh but my daughter’s boss sent me that box as a joke. I knew it would come in handy one day. It’s actually not a bad looking rig. Best , Kirk.
  5. Forza Scuderia

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    Jan 13, 2015
    I'm a have to leave it there because not everyone sees the humor in Scorsese movies that other people do.

  6. JTSE30

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    Hey, these are some good points, but I have some too:

    1. Selected City centers in countries ruled by the unelected or where the populace are ok with being subjects rather than citizens are aiming to ban cars, not ICE, but all cars no matter what propels them:

    2. Hybrid cars that have sufficient electric charge to do more than occasionally boost power will be heavy, very heavy (4500 pounds and more).

    Passionless/soundless (other than a piped in soundtrack) may not find as many owners, after all, if you review Ferrari's annual 2018 report they are quite nervous about that possibility. Electric power is a thrill, like a rocket sled, what do you do for an encore when all have is a heavy, rocket sled that goes well in a straight line but wears truck tires due to the extreme weight and required additional layers of rubber to be able to sustain high speed travel without rupturing?

    Here's a plus, such cars probably will not require much in the way of aero to hold them to the pavement due to the low center of gravity and weight due to battery packs that never get lighter (unlike a fuel tank does as you burn the fuel, the car lightens up, but not a full electric).

    3. What good is 1000+ hp? after all in an electric, more battery, bigger electric motors, why not 1500 hp, 2000 hp? At some point there will be a wall where no matter the additional power nothing changes, once you get 0-60 to be less than 1 second, what then? How many g-forces would that be? Once drivers and passengers are blacking out, what's the point? Oh, and still no sound, where will the buyers be? Why pay $100s of thousands for something that Nissan can give you less the badge? A real engine counts for something or does it?
  7. Forza Scuderia

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    Jan 13, 2015
    Your concerns and anxieties are shared by many Ferrari buyers and lovers of sports cars of all marques.

    Warren Buffett always says 'Never bet against America.'

    I always say 'Never bet against Ferrari.'

    I'm not speaking to F1 and saying bet them to win every year. I'm saying through ingenuity, creativity, innovation and passion, finding new ways of creating the most desirable road cars the world has ever seen decade after decade ... never bet against Ferrari.

    We all have some difficulty even imagining things we have never seen before and can't fathom how they could be brought into existence. Fortunately for us all, Ferrari has the best people in the world at doing exactly that. Active hybrid Ferraris will weigh well under 4,000 pounds. Probably somewhere around 3,500 pounds with all fluids. To many that seems impossible. Ferrari will engineer a way to make it reality. Also the new hybrid turbos will sound better than the 488 Pista. Ferrari will always have their best minds focusing on their cars making better and better sounds or 'music' as they refer to it. They know this is one of their major competitive advantages and will get their engineers to 'do the impossible' by making magic come out of those tailpipes.

    Even in the far off days when ALL cars are mandated electric only and ICE is outlawed there are numerous ways to make Ferrari's deliver a glorious aural experience to the senses. But how they will achieve this is a discussion with the factory and not for this forum.

    You do raise one good point which I have been actually thinking about lately...

    At some point 0-60 acceleration capability of hybrid and electric cars not only reaches the point of diminishing returns it actually becomes dangerous.

    I was going to post on this at a later date but since you introduced the subject I am making this bold prediction right here right now...

    I predict within 5 to 10 years 0 to 60 acceleration faster than 1.5 seconds will be outlawed and banned globally. Car makers will have to electronically limit acceleration to this magnitude at all velocity intervals. That's right. 1.5 seconds to 60 will become the fastest legally allowed from a factory new car. Remember you heard it here.
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  8. Ferrari 308 GTB

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    Feb 21, 2015
    Volvo limiting their cars to 112 MPH....what fun eh!
  9. valerio

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    Oct 8, 2017
    So will the most coveted feature be autonomy?
  10. Forza Scuderia

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    Jan 13, 2015
    Ferrari will be one of the last marques to adopt full autonomy capabilities and even then they will mostly be used as a contingency feature. By the time there are fully autonomous capable Ferraris, autonomy will be as ubiquitous as air conditioning so no it will not be a coveted feature. Before you decry this, keep in mind the cars will have both driver piloted and fully autonomous modes.

    Imagine you drive to St.Tropez from Antibes in your Ferrari. You pilot the car through the twists and turns on the day trip out there and enjoy a glorious classic drive in the sun along the coast. At night, you party too hard in the harbor so you get in your Ferrari and hit the autonomous mode button and go to sleep while it navigates you back to Antibes on its own. Is that so terrible?

  11. valerio

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    Oct 8, 2017
    Any news about the new model that will be presented in July?
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  12. ferr9000

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    Incorrect information.

    UPDATE and confirmed line up for 2019:

    1. F142MFL - F8 Tributo already presented.
    2. F173 - Big Brother - 05/2019
    3.""Portofino Coupe"" - 07/2019 Private preview inclueded*
    4. F142MFL Spider - 09/2019
    5. 812 Spider - 10-11/2019

    Put some extra plugs in your garages if you are in for #2 and #3.

    PS: If there is any website, blog, user or similar that wants to use this information please give credits.
  13. valerio

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    Oct 8, 2017
    Oh thank you so much!
    So it will be a V6 Hybrid?!!
  14. Ferrari 308 GTB

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    Feb 21, 2015
    hmm soo which of those is a V6? confused:confused:
  15. jpalmito

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    The portofino coupe will inaugurate the new V6 hybrid I guess..
  16. kandi

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    Jun 27, 2014
    Porto coupe? (V6 hybrid)
  17. Ferrari 308 GTB

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    Feb 21, 2015
    ohh didn't hear about that one being a v6
  18. Doug23

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    Jun 23, 2017
    So the v6 debut has been anticipated?

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  19. sixcarbs

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    Can you please translate like 488, Portofino, 812? I have no idea what an F173 or F142MFL is.

    If we are going to start referring to Ferraris by some internal model designation they are going to lose me like when Porsche started coming up with goofy numbers for the 911. (964, 993, 997, 993, XXX etc.)
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  20. greyboxer

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    What name do you propose he gives 2 since it is not yet launched ? The others do appear to be named as far as possible (tho I suspect 3 will change)
  21. maximilien

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    F142MFL is F8 tributo
  22. Forza Scuderia

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    Well I have to say it is simply stunning that they are going to introduce the hybrid V-6 by way of a rebodied Portofino. Curious to say the least. Presumably this is the same core engine which will be used in the
    'mid-engine price point' successor to the 488 coming in 2021. That would have been the natural platform on which to introduce the new V-6. It also would have had the benefit of 'bathing' that power-plant in a glamorous mid-engine halo and given it the 'street cred' to use in other models. Imagine if Ferrari had introduced a V-6 for the California and then a version of it showed up in the 488? People would have been far less accepting of that sequence of events, but that equivalent prospect is exactly what is being described here.

    It is also astounding that they have developed a new cylinder configuration ( yeah I know I know they been makin V-6's for Maserati, save your insight geniuses ) plus a new 8-cylinder as well as engineering the active hybridization of both of them simultaneously and are comfortable rolling out these two brand new engines with a radical architecture back to back with barely two months between each other. Even my mind is blown at the ambition of this.
  23. jumpinjohn

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    Not the F8
    Not the Big Brother (hybrid V8 mid engine)
    Portofino Coupe ? Possible
    Not the F8 spider
    Not the 812 convertible

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    Except the 488's engine was debuted first in the California T first so that is the exact case in point. V6 hybrid in the Portofino coupe and then other models later. Who's to say it won't be in BB first though?
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  25. Forza Scuderia

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    Jan 13, 2015
    Yeah but they were all 8-cylinders so you could still trace the lineage back to the 458 before the California T and so on. So that’s not really a fair comparison. That’s why I specifically said ‘what if Ferrari debuted 6-cylinder in Cali T and then put it in 488’ to illustrate the difference of dropping down two cylinders on your entry level ‘not for existing Ferrari buyers Ferrari’ and then months later brandishing that same diluted power plant in your core midengine model that is the mainstay and quintessence of your brand...get it ?

    Anyway ... if your tossed out speculation of the Big Brother F173 launching in May turning out to be a 6-cylinder comes true I shall resign from Ferrari Chat ... to the delight of a few and the sadness of many ! Ha!

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