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Discussion in 'New England' started by stretchgeneral, Jul 5, 2020.

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    Anybody every show in the Boston Cup? Is it a good show to go to?
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    May 27, 2015
    What is it?

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    Dave G.
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    I went 3 years ago; it was a good excuse to spend a morning/early afternoon in Boston, I wasn't at the show the whole time, also walked around Beacon Hill, etc.

    The cars were in a cordoned off area by the Parkman Bandstand in the Boston Common, so spectators outside the area could see them, but as it was something like $50 to enter the actual concours field, I stayed outside. You could still get pretty close and see things from outside the ropes, but couldn't walk around and examine the cars closely without paying $50, it wasn't worth it to me so I didn't. Chatted with a few owners of cars from outside the ropes too. There were a few Ferraris, including a Daytona and 2-cam 275 GTB, otherwise a 550, 3.2 Mondial cab, 360 and 458 Spider, think that was it. I didn't take too many pics of other cars, but there was a little something for everybody, pre-war stuff, V-16 Cadillacs, a sweet Cisitalia sticks out. Some cool vendor stands outside the show area as well, one was a Bronco resto-mod outfit that had some neat Broncos on display (not cheap), and I saw my first and only (so far) Porsche 918 there as well.

    A fun morning on a nice day in Boston, but I haven't been back since, don't know if I'll go this year. Wanted to go to Greenwich this year, but it got cancelled.

    Misselwood last year was a nice show as well, I liked it better than the Boston Cup 2017, but obviously it depends on what the featured marques are, and who brings what.

    Recently got the email that the Lime Rock Concours in the Park is apparently a go for Labor Day Sunday, it's a much farther drive for me but if the weather's nice the turnout is pretty great, that's the main show I look forward to every year.
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    I showed my 612 last year. I enjoyed the experience. I'll tell you about it when I see you.
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    Sorry to sidetrack but there seem to be a few of us in the weston area - do you think there’s enough to setup something once every couple weeks or once a month to meet up?
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    First time I am hearing about it. Looks good. Anyone knows if Tutto Italiano will take place this year?
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    Mike F
    According to Larz's website, there are no lawn events scheduled at this time. They indicate that it could change based on guidance from the state.
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