The C8 and future Ferrari sales?

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by Nachtfalter, Jul 21, 2019.

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    The thread is of course c8 and future 360/430 sales. So yes I think that would absolutely involve discussing the merits of both cars to arrive at an idea why it may or may not influence Ferrari values.

    I for one think it will not.

    If the mods deem the thread inappropriate then by all means delete it, otherwise it would seem speaking of the subject matter is inevitable.
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    Not buying it!
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    Heck, I would like to see the C8 at the LA auto show but I would really like to see some Ferrari’s at the show. Where has Ferrari been the last several years?:(
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    The corvette has always taken some Ferrari sales. And that was with the motor at the wrong end and really nothing “exotic “ about it. Now things are getting pretty weird with the Z06 being a more sophisticated type, smaller displacement, high redline, NA flat plane, high hp per liter. Etc. “the feel” (and look) was always the justification for spending X3 for the Ferrari. On top of the Vette checking all these boxes now, the Ferraris have gone turbo. Now the latest report about the zr1 900 hp hybrid. I’d be willing to bet the successor to the F8 will be wrapped up in something pretty close to the la Ferrari, looks wise, to try and re-widen the exoticness gap, and it will be because of Chevy.
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    Hasnt it been like ~10 years since they attended?
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    Actually I talked to Ferrari of Beverly Hills about this way back when and they said it wasn't worth the money. The show was expensive to do, it occupied everyone's time for weeks instead of doing work to get cars ordered and to customers, and they never sold any more cars because they already had sales booked for the next 3 years. And if someone wanted to visit them they could just make an appointment.

    It was just a PR stunt for the brand but the cost fell on them, not FNA.

    So they (and many other exotics) backed out.
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    Same thing happened with the big comic conventions. Lots of the A list players have pulled out. Theres no return on the investment.
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    There is no doubt that the new mid engine Corvette will affect Ferrari sales! Here you get a lot of car for the money.
    In fact i think that you get a lot more of car for the money than you do with the Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren.

    Another fact is that the cheapest Corvette C8 comes just below $60 and it does 060 in just over 3 seconds.

    Be sure that there will be a Z06, ZR1 version or of the Corvette that will be superfast..

    Another thing about Ferrari is that Ferrari have always been kind of special and i do not mean this in a positive way..
    They always had to make every single new engine with timing belts that only last 3000 km or have to be replaced if the belts where older than 3 years (here in Europe that is)
    The only answer for this is only to get more money from Ferrari owners in my mind.

    When VAG owned Lamborghini came with timing belts Ferrari where surely quick to change from timing belts to timing chains...
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