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    If you have any fitness bike, e.g. Peloton, you can add a fantastic experience with VirZOOM (see more at With VirZOOM you use a virtual reality headset and a stationary bike to move around in VR. The faster you pedal in the real world, the faster you move in the virtual world. Earlier versions (which I have) used either the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or PSVR for PS4). The newest versions just coming out now are the Oculus Go and the even better Quest (scheduled for March). You can add a VZfit sensor and game button to your existing stationary bike.

    I’ve been using the early version since 2016. I love two things about this system. The virtual reality aspect which allows me to turn my head in any direction and see what’s there, and gives a true sense of your activity. It puts me in the action, rather than watching it on a flat screen in front of me like other systems. The second thing is I can’t just pedal a stationary bike. Too boring. I have to be playing a game to keep me interested. I particularly like the flying horse (Pegasus) games and the attack helicopter game. Those are intense games, but for people who are a little queasy there are “comfortable” and “moderate” games, such as F1 style track racing.

    There are biking courses, such as riding up the California coast. The most exciting development coming soon is Google Street View. You can basically ride your stationary bike on any street that’s available on Google Maps.

    I loved this concept so much I was an early investor in this company. There are still opportunities to invest. You can contact them directly if you have interest.
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    Mark Jones
    After 20 minutes in VR, I’m queasy
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    Seems to defeat the purpose if you have/pay for a peloton, the entire point is to ride to their classes and with other people live. I'd go nuts wearing some big VR headset while working out plus not to mention sweating all over it. Seems like a very small market that would buy into this IMO.
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    I use a Wahoo Kickr and Zwift. It is plenty fun for me. I can get in serious rides with my friends across the globe. Or, I can ride with complete strangers. Either way, i am riding and staring at said screen.

    VR could be a fun add-on, but I am not spending that kind of money to work out...yet. It would need to be way more interesting than what I am contemplating.

    Now, hook it up to an indoor training wall while climbing el THAT might be interesting. And I don't even climb.

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