"The good ole days!

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    Deals from the past..back in the 90's before computers there was a 308 listed in a car mag for $10,000.00 stating "Motor missing" so after seeing in for three months in a row I figured I'd call. He had gotten no responses. It turns out he meant the the motor was misfiring and not running correctly. I bought it sight unseen..a new set of points and it was on it's way!!! The other is a Euro purchased in Fla $22,000.00 15K miles and FAST! Those days are gone!
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    Nice buys!!
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    That's now one of my favorite Ferrari purchase stories :)
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    Nice story! Glad you went ahead and looked at it.
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    Our local radio station gave away a 246 Dino in the late 80's. It cost them 15k.

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