"The Lamborghini Miura" by Simon Kidston

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    I have yet to see so much brouhaha about a book, and I mean it, why in a such a litigative
    manner, with ..."lawyers, guns and money" old Warren Z. would say. Of course, no guns here :)

    Personally, I would take the private issues and keep them out of this post,
    and not turn it into a shouting match, which I shall presume, does not concern me, or most people on this thread.

    Being part of the "unwashed masses", albeit most careful about my grooming, also bought the Miura book, and the register version to boot!
    Expensive, but within my reach, so no complaints here about it being out reach of the "unwashed masses".

    Really, f-chat is all about waiting for the $1400 in the mail by now? Really?

    Personally, I do not like the idea of an e-version of it, as I like paper.
    Of course if you do, than request it, as by Messrs. Sonnery suggestion that his happiness is reliant on this.

    Regards, Alberto
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  3. Rosey

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    Nov 5, 2015
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    Mark R
    Agree 100% Alberto.

    As I've previously mentioned, personal disagreements between individuals associated with the book should not allowed to enter into this forum.

    It is a private matter with the parties directly involved that no one else is interested in or should be asked to get involved with.
  4. simpen

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    Jun 14, 2016
    With all due respect, but it seems highly contradictive to claim that there was no opportunity to buy it and also mock the huge wait anticipating the book at the same time.

    I am part of the unwashed masses, not even close to owning a Miura or any other expensive book, but proud owner of one of the limited copies. I knew the book was coming, as many with an interest in Miuras knew for over a decade. It was also known way in advance to be extremely limited. And I still had time to have doubts about the price, did not buy it immediately but went back to the webshop a few days later after having justified this (for me) big expense. But I'll gladly make the switch from plebeian to speculator if someone wants to buy my copy for $25,000 (don't mind the grubby fingers!).
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  5. Nembo1777

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    Nov 4, 2006
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    Marc Sonnery
    Of course a paper book is better than an E book but as Rosey pointed out months ago an E book is better than nothing and does not devalue the paper books.

    An E book is also practical allowing to have it on the computer when traveling.

    To those who complain about my posts sorry but when you put your heart and soul into a job on a topic about which you are passionate, when you work absolutely flat out, use all your skills to produce the best research results, to see it botched like that (I could tell a lot of stories but apparently that is not popular) is very painful as were the endless delays, just understand that. One other thing: unwashed masses is not my expression but someone else's haughty attitude towards most people...

    Just to be clear I never expected to have to order a book because it is standard practice for a co author to receive at least a copy. Of course I walked out of the project with a settlement after four years of waiting but still common courtesy would have been to send me one...I was prepared to pay for one but was just suddenly and coldly told that they sold out; the truth is SK must regret badly the mistake of limiting production.

    Now the answer, thank you Steve, that there won't be an E book, typically predictable, closes the circle. I will take up the offer of the book owner who offered to have his scanned for me....just like Kidston scanned Miura SV owners manuals.
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  6. bitzman

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    Feb 15, 2008
    Ontario, CA
    Is the Simon Kidston book on the Miura really sold out? He claims all 762 have been sold. I wanted to do a book review. If any Miura owner who lives in Los Angeles will consent to an interview about the book. Icould still review it from an owner's standpoint. Here's from the Kidston site.

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    The Lamborghini Miura Book


    The Lamborghini Miura Book runs to 456 pages with over 650 high-quality photographs and is presented in a slipcase, beautifully lined and encased in museum-quality buckram.

    All books are packed in a bespoke cardboard box and individually despatched by DHL courier (shipping rates vary by region).

    By purchasing The Lamborghini Miura Book, you will be entitled to a unique and numbered copy of the Book.

    Note: The Miura Book is now SOLD OUT. The Miura Register remains available.

    The Lamborghini Miura Book – a limited edition of 762 copies

    • Limited edition of 762 copies
    • Many previously unseen photographs
    • The result of nearly two decades of research
    • Interviews with all the men behind the Miura
    • Nine appendices
    In 1962 Ferruccio Lamborghini was a successful businessman best known for making tractors. Few had heard of him outside his native Italy. Four years later he was a motor manufacturer and an international celebrity. He had created the world’s most dramatic motor car – the legendary Miura, still a dream car over half a century later.

    This is the history of one of the most extraordinary cars of our time, told by the people who designed it, who built it, who lived it. The fruit of more than ten years of work, and based on countless in-depth interviews, The Lamborghini Miura Book unravels the myths and tells the true story for the first time.

    From the conception of the car to its demise, every aspect of the Miura’s life is studied, including the one-offs such as the track-bred Jota and the open-top roadster. There’s also a detailed look at the colourful world of Miura owners, and at the Miura’s many roles on the silver screen, plus a fascinating appraisal of the car by leading designers Peter Stevens and Gordon Murray.

    Painstakingly researched and elegantly written by Simon Kidston and award-winning motoring historian Jon Pressnell, designed by renowned graphic artist Julian Balme, and supervised by Emanuele Collo and Steve Wakefield, this is the definitive book on the definitive supercar. Lavishly illustrated and printed on the finest paper, it is as much a joy to look at as to read.

    Supported by the unparalleled experience and knowledge of Miura experts at Kidston, The Lamborghini Miura Book is the manuscript every motoring enthusiast should have at their fingertips.

    Contents include:

    • Ferruccio Lamborghini – by those who knew him
    • The men behind the Miura
    • The design story – who styled the Miura?
    • Ubaldo Sgarzi – the man who never said ‘no’
    • How the Miura was built
    • Racing the Miura
    • The Jota – and how it met its end
    • The mystery of the 500th Miura
    • The ‘super-Miura’ SVJs
    • Miura owners – from Rod to royalty
    • A triple World Champion drives the Miura
    • Nine expansive appendices that comprise: the Miura in film (including The Italian Job); Miura toys and models; evolution in production, changes in specification; colours; contemporary road tests; the influence of the Miura; the Miura in the US; performance data and period comparisons; a guide to owning and running a Miura
    Additional information
    320 x 275 x 125mm

    5.5 kg





    Kidston Limited
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  8. Rosey

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    Nov 5, 2015
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    Mark R
    Yes, they all sold out in record time.

    Maybe post your question under the "Miura Book" thread under this topic.

    And leave off the photos- we all know what it looks like and its contents.
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  9. Rosey

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    Nov 5, 2015
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    Mark R
    Oh, you moved it, good one.

    Good luck with the review.

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