The Michael Schumacher Career/Injury/Recovery Thread

Discussion in 'F1' started by NürScud, Dec 29, 2013.

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    Do you not think I know the difference between a cardiologist and a neurologist lol ? The reporter specifically said cardiologist that specializes in stem cells , my guess there are some heart issues with MS , obviously related to the brain injury , maybe not transmitting the right signals to the heart . All speculation at this time
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    You are not speculating, this is the most obvious explanation.
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    Not exactly a cavallino rampante.;)
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    She sure looks like MS!
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    Given the source I’m sure she is misquoted

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    Given the state of things, someone want to tell Michael to wait a while before he finally snaps out of this???
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    The radio silence about his current condition is difficult to understand, but I can respect the families right to privacy.
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    Nov 3, 2012
    Without wanting to sound pessimistic, I think most of us know what's next, I just can't accept it personally...
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    Unfortunately you are right. I think there was a glimmer of hope at the beginning. But it's been so many years now. There's practically 0 updates, whcih can only point out to the obvious.

    Somehow, we definitely lost the Schu we all know back in 2013.
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    Nov 16, 2010
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    keep fighting Michael
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    The Daily Mail has just posted this quoting Jean Todt - it may or may not be true but appears to be from a respected paddock journalist

    Speaking in Budapest, where Lewis Hamilton took pole position — the 90th of his career — for the Hungarian Grand Prix, the Frenchman chose his words carefully, loyally, and only when pressed. 'I saw Michael last week,' he said. 'He is fighting. I hope the world will be able to see him again. That is what he and his family are working towards.'
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    Nov 3, 2012
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    FWIW, I did my internal medicine residency many years ago at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. The cardiology dept was the star of the show. Dr. Willis Hurst, the chair of Medicine/Cardiology was a renowned cardiologist and LBJ's doc back in the day.
    When Emory pioneered with angioplasty, it was done by Andreas Gruentzig a German born/Swiss living radiologist with some cardiology background. My point is, the cardiologist in this case may be an expert in the stem cell field. Perhaps he was asked if it could be extrapolated to whatever Michael's neurological issue is. I believe the term is called diffuse axonal injury when trauma basically disrupts normal cognitive function. It can be mild or severe. Not sure if he has this, but inclined to think he does. I doubt any old head injury has led to any heart issue in general. Let alone one that wouldn't respond to the many meds available which help cardiac performance.

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    When one doesn't know something yet suggests a possibility, that is speculation.

    Many speculations that appeared to be "obvious" turned out to not be so. Thus they were, obviously, simply speculation. :)
  22. jpalmito

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    i hope sincerely you are right on Michael conditions

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