The perennial respray question......

Discussion in '348/355' started by 1961GTE, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Nader

    Nader Formula Junior
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    Feb 12, 2011
    East of Seattle
    I agree these will never be million dollar cars. But I can totally see them getting back up into the six figures. Valued as the last analog, "go cart" Ferrari driving experience. I am really, really wishing I had the foresight to buy a Countache, when they were just around $100,000. Along those lines, I remember when a 993 turbo was equivalent to a 73 Carrera RS, both at $70,000. This was just over 10 years ago. Ferrari Dino follows as well.
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  3. carnutdallas

    carnutdallas Formula Junior
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    Nov 11, 2010
    Dallas Burbs
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    Nader, I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you!

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  4. fatbillybob

    fatbillybob Two Time F1 World Champ
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    Aug 10, 2002
    I did that with my 348! I had huge fun and it grew the racing addition I have today. Not only did I race and beat my Ferrari but I wrecked it too. It's gone now and all the remaining 348's are worth a bit more. It was totally worth having that fun which I why I bought it in the 1st place. There are lower risk ways to make money. I try not to look back. I try to look forward.
  5. Nader

    Nader Formula Junior
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    Feb 12, 2011
    East of Seattle
    Kind of going off on a slight tangent: I have a very, very nice 87 Carrera that I started doing track days with back in '01. I too, wanted to go racing. I only went as far as brake pads, brake fluid, brake cooling ducts, and better tires. I saw other people wreck their pride and joy, and as I was getting more aggressive, I didn't want that to be me. Before putting any additional money and modifications into my Porsche, I built up a Spec Miata. This was back in 2003.

    Raced the Spec Miata for a few years before losing interest, sold it for about what I had in it. Still have my beautiful Carrera, knock wood, and it is pretty much back to bone stock. Still wanted to race, something more interesting than a Miata, so I found a wrecked and rusted hulk of a 69 Alfa Spider. Dragged all of its nasty, moldy bits home in boxes. Build that up into a race car. I have a 40 page build thread about it on the Alfa site. Having a great time with it!
  6. Dave rocks

    Dave rocks F1 World Champ

    Nov 23, 2012
    Orchard Park, NY
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    Dave Lelonek
    It's a 6000 mile original prom night virgin. If someone wants to hack one up, find a high milage, tired example.

    There are a group of folks here that respect pristine, original examples. Others do not.
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  8. INTMD8

    INTMD8 F1 Veteran

    Jun 10, 2007
    Lake Villa IL
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    James Moran
    Exactly the reason why he should be more careful if value is a concern. Not a valid comparison as 348's are trading at slightly less than 35 million.
  9. steved033

    steved033 F1 Rookie
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    Apr 12, 2017
    Atlanta, GA
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    Steve D.
    There's some cars you cut, there's some you don't. As much as I don't like things stock, a 6000 mile example...keep it pristine. There's lots of other cars out there to make into your own.

  10. Cauf61

    Cauf61 Formula Junior

    Jul 12, 2016
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    Here some thoughts on painting your 348.

    First of all the value of a 348 is to low ( for the moment, i hope because i have also one ) to put 10k in a good respray. Better to drive it for some years and if it's more worth ( and has some usage signs / dents) paint it.

    The only way to do it without lowering the value, yes i said lowering the value ! that's what a paint job will do, is a full paint removal to the bare metal and painting it again. Believe me that's what's being done with GTO's or porsche RS and
    this type of cars. The first thing a buyer will do is measure the paint thickness and if it is more then factory they will walk away.
    I have seen a paint job on a 911 2.7 RS (650.000 euro !) where the body shop did several test with paint thickness to achieve the EXACT factory thickness.! I remember well it was below 160 µ ,what is really thin, and a hell to spray for the body shop.
    This including primer !
    Even the paint surface had to be painted not to smooth (some peel) to get it as original. In the 70's the paint wasn't as good as today.

  11. Hubs348

    Hubs348 Karting
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    May 9, 2013
    Thousand Oaks, CA
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    Well said. I personally wouldnt re-paint a car with only 6000 mile that's 20 plus years old
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  13. eyboro

    eyboro Formula Junior
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    May 30, 2004
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    Your current color is rosso corsa, are you insane? I would never change that paint color on any Ferrari, thats their signiture color.
  14. bjwhite

    bjwhite F1 Rookie

    Mar 17, 2006
    Seattle, WA
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    Brian White
    Come on man. The signature color is blu sera... :)
  15. c7matt

    c7matt Formula Junior

    Mar 3, 2016
    Greater Detroit, MI
    how about a pic of the car in question? the paint issues close up too... wondering how bad a 6K mi car could be
  16. 1961GTE

    1961GTE Rookie

    Aug 26, 2012
    Buckinghamshire UK
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    Great thoughts and input. Thanks for taking the time. I'm almost certainly not going to respray it. I think the various points about potential value destruction now and in the future are probably right. I will though look at the wrap option with some providers that have been recommended. I'm most interested to see the quality of the work, the cost, duration and whether they can provide a wrap in a specific paint colour. That could be a great option. I'll also get some decent pictures of the car for interest so that you can see the paintwork up close. Thanks again for the thoughts.....

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